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Now, search IT candidates in Resdex more easily

Searching Candidates under Functional Area Software Developmentwith multitude of associated roles available was a confusing and time-taking task. Not anymore! It just got easier and a lot more organized. We have introduced a new Functional Area in your Resdex search "Software Development - All". You can now search for all the software development categories through a single click in this parent Functional Area. What this means, is that when you select the functional area "Software Development - All" - it selects ALL the software development functional areas along with it. Whats even... Read More

Experience Your New Powerful Resdex Contact Candidate Page !

Contacting candidates through Resdex is not just Good anymore. It has become Great ! And here are the reasons why: 1. You can now target your Job-seekers better Target your job-seekers better with conscious CTC/Experience range to send mails only to the required set of candidates. We strongly suggest that you select your target group by setting up the correct filters on the Contact Candidate Page before sending Resdex Mails to jobseekers. 2. Save on Email Quota - No unconscious contacts anymore CTC and Experience filters will not just help you in increasing the... Read More

Resdex Contact Candidate Page – FAQs

1. Why do we have to enter the Experience, Salary and Location information about the job? Feedback from jobseekers shows that the Job Title, Work experience, Salary, and Location are the most important things they look for in deciding the suitability of the job. Jobseekers prefer this information to be mentioned upfront. This is important because some jobseekers receive more than 50 recruiter contacts in a week. 2. Is it mandatory to mention the Experience, Salary and Location information about the job? No, it is not mandatory. This is presented on top of the email to help jobseekers take... Read More

More information for recruiters, More power to recruiters!

We are enriching the amount of information we provide you about a candidate on the search results page. This will help you take a more informed decision to consider, or not consider, a resume for your particular mandate. So what are these new pieces of information? One, we will inform you whether or not the candidate has a verified email-id. A verified email-id is a signal that the resume is not a fake one, and that it belongs to a job-seeker serious about his profile/resume and his job search. It is not a guarantee, but it is a good signal, and will help you make a better... Read More

Target your jobseekers better and get more relevant responses…

We have designed a new Contact Candidates page for you, where you email candidates from. This change is being done to help you target jobseekers better, send more informative emails and get more number of relevant responses. Refer below the snapshot of what the current Resdex Contact Candidates page looks like. [caption id="attachment_1471" align="alignnone" width="660" caption="Current Contact Candidate Page"][/caption] Current Resdex Contact Page We are going to improve this page soon so that you will be able to present your email to job-seekers in a richer , better... Read More

Now finding the best candidates just got easier!

To provide greater value for your money and help you find the best candidates faster, we have now introduced candidate clusters on search result page. You can now search your mandate and then drill down quicker among 4 different groups of candidates - All Resumes, Premium Resumes, Confidential Resumes and Featured Resumes - who match your requirement. It will help you quickly identify, and zero-in, on high quality candidates who may be ready for new job opportunities. Next time you log into Resdex you would see these four tabs on search result page. [caption id="attachment_1221"... Read More

You can now add Photos and Presentations to your Job Postings!

We have introduced a new feature to add Photos and Presentations to your Job Posting. These would be displayed to the jobseeker on the Job Description (JD) page. This feature is intended to work for you as a branding tool so that you can promote/advertise your company to jobseekers better. You can either upload photos of your office facility and people (building, employee work space, cafeteria, office personnel etc.) or upload a corporate presentation that you would like jobseekers to go through. As of now, we have limited the access of this feature to Companies that – a) Have an... Read More

New Manage Jobs Interface!

We have introduced a new Manage Jobs Interface which will provide the convenience of managing job postings (edit, refresh, delete, broadcast) and viewing responses on one single page. Detailed list of changes/improvements in the new interface Manage Jobs and View Responses functionalities for all jobs (including eApps) will be clubbed together and shown on one single page. The name of the tab in the Global Navigation Bar will change to Jobs & Responses and all the  links currently appearing under ‘Jobs’ and ‘Responses’ tab will now appear clubbed under this... Read More

Get better at using Naukri – Download the Quick Start Guide

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or have just started out, the Quick Start Guide has tips and techniques to help you find the right candidate faster. It is extremely important that you are aware of the different Resdex Search and Job Posting tips and when to use them to get the desired results. The Quick Start Guide for Recruiters is a small attempt to help you with your quest for talent. This document is drafted in a simple and user friendly manner to help not only a new recruiter but also aid people who have been using our recruitment solutions for a long time. The... Read More

Introducing’s iFind Technology

Your search for resumes is now powered by’s iFind Technology. Text-based search engines only search what you type. But iFind Technology is a combined suite of tools and algorithms applied at each of the 5 stages involved in the process of helping you find the right candidate. 1. Search Form powered by iFind – More precise query composition by ‘Top Ranked Institutes’, options to filter candidates by their ‘Last Active Date’, a more convenient IT skills query form, and query  by the ‘Candidates Preferred Location’ (to be launched soon) 2. Intuitive iFind –... Read More