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3 Simple Steps to increase your Referral CVs from Employees

Recruiters have experienced a 12% Increase in their daily inflow of relevant Referral resumes. Few Simple steps to help you get the same desired result - Right Incentive Employees tend to share the position more if there is a an incentive attached to it.  Make your referral jobs more competitive to receive relevant responses. Set higher rewards for urgent and niche profiles. Make sure that some amount is paid advance to the employee for the closure. (If there is a 90 days payment window then maintain 1:4 ratio - pay 1 part upfront, and 4 parts later) Target Right Audience  Reach... Read More

Referral Reminders | Schedule Intelligent Reminders, Get more applies

What are Naukri Referral Reminders? While sending out your Referral emails to employees, you can schedule reminders to be sent on future dates. These reminders can be set for 2 days, 4 days and 7 days from the day the referral email will be sent.   Are these reminders Automatic ? Absolutely. Once set, the system will automatically send out a copy of your original referral email with the text ‘[Reminder]’ added to the subject line to all the original recipients of your referral email.   How can I set referral reminders ? While creating your referral email, you can check option(s)... Read More

Why is your ‘Referral email’ not getting delivered?

The most common reason your referral emails are not getting delivered is because they may have been blocked by your IT team. It is possible that these emails have run into problem with your ‘Internal Firewalls’. What does this mean ? Some companies do not like seeing emails going ‘To’ and ‘From’ the same domain, while being passed through a third party. For instance, you may be sending the referral email from to . In the middle of this process, your email goes through Naukri server. It is possible that your company IT team may find these... Read More

Preview our Best used Referral/IJP Email Templates

Recruiters can now boost their Employee Referral program by using our pre-defined HTML templates. These templates look nice and provide rich look and feel to your referral emails with their 'Company Branding'. Whats more you can now create and customize how your referral email looks with your own banners, colors and images. The options include 'Mobile Ready' email template to allow your employees to share through mobile as well. View our most used email themes below - Faces Elegance Talent Banner Creative Simple Custom Rich email theme with Vibrant colors, 'Faces'... Read More

Why you should not use a group email-id for sending referral emails ?

I. What is a group email-id ? A group email-id is a mail alias or email group for sending emails to multiple or all employees at one go. For example II. Why sending referral email to a group email-id is Not a good idea ? Lost tracking Naukri referral system treats this email-id as one and does not have information on employees who are part of this group. This information is not fetched from outlook to maintain security of your company data. This means when an employee refers a person, your tracker will still display the group email-id as the referrer. This... Read More

Use Naukri Referral tool to ‘Invite Referrals without posting a job on Naukri’

You must be already aware of how you can use a Naukri job to invite referrals from employees. What if you want to invite Referrals but do not have a job posted on Naukri ? What if there are some positions in your company which are open round-the-year and you do not want to post a job for the same ? Well, you can use the General CV option in the Naukri referral tool to invite employee referrals for such cases. What is the ‘General CV’ option ? A General CV option allows you to seek referrals for a specific Job Title / Team Name/ Department name/ Any other generic grouping from your... Read More

eApps Naukri Response Manager

eApps - Naukri Response Manager from Nilotpal Paul Finding and shortlisting relevant applicants from a pool of Job Posting responses can be a daunting task for recruiters. Keeping this requirement in mind Naukri created eApps - the most advanced online response manager in the market today. eApps gives you access to the most powerful candidate search and a host of other features (eApps is available with your Hot Vacancy subscription). Take a look at the following amazing features of eApps: Custom Questions for Job Postings Automatic Action Based Filters Search &... Read More

eApps Automatic Action Based Filters

In case you don’t want to manually take actions for relevant candidates from among those who apply to your job, you can use the advanced search options and set automatic actions whenever a candidate matches the requirements. You can set any or all of the following actions: Move matching resumes to System Folders (Inbox, Shortlisted, On-hold, Rejected) Email matching resumes to email IDs (you can use upto 5 email IDs) Copy matching resumes to Personal Folders in eApps (which you can refer to later) Auto-Reply to candidates with matching resumes DEMO: How to create eApps Automatic... Read More

eApps Advanced Search: Finding the relevant candidates

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eApps Search : Finding the relevant candidates

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