Why you should not use a group email-id for sending referral emails ?

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I. What is a group email-id ?

  • A group email-id is a mail alias or email group for sending emails to multiple or all employees at one go. For example all@YourCompany.com

II. Why sending referral email to a group email-id is Not a good idea ?

Lost tracking

  • Naukri referral system treats this email-id as one and does not have information on employees who are part of this group.
  • This information is not fetched from outlook to maintain security of your company data.
  • This means when an employee refers a person, your tracker will still display the group email-id as the referrer. This disrupts your tracking.

Notifications sent to the group email-id

  • The referral system sends out notification mailer to employees every week informing them about any referrals through their network or if the recruiter changed status of an existing referral.
  • This notification mailer gets sent to the group email-id in case you have used it for distributing the referral email.

Incorrect Reports

  • Referral tool provides you reporting on which employees are eligible for referral money every month.
  • In case you use group email-id for referral emails, this reporting will not be available for calculating referral payout.

III. What is the alternative of using a group Email-id ?

For outlook 2010/2013 users –

  • In case you have outlook 2010/2013, this task becomes pretty simple.
  • All you need to do is click on the group email-id to expand into the employee names.
  • You can then copy paste this directly into referral tool. It will extract only the employee email-ids for sending referrals.

For outlook 2003/ 2007 users –

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