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If you are a HR professional, placement/search consultant, a hiring manager or an entrepreneur who is responsible for hiring for his team – NaukriRecruiter is for you. It will make your search for talent more personalized and more effective. With NaukriRecruiter, you can showcase your expertise in recruitment domain and the mandates you are currently hiring.

To join NaukriRecruiter, register with your personal Email-ID at NaukriRecruiter Registration Page.

Verifying your email is mandatory for activating your account. This is done to ensure the authenticity of your profile and also to ensure that no one else can create a profile using your Email-ID.

Once you have activated your account, do not forget to add the most important thing to your profile – your photo!

What next? With NaukriRecruiter, you can now –
1. Create your recruitment specific public profile and showcase sectors and skills/roles you hire for.
2. Customize your public profile URL and use it in business communications.
3. Post free jobs on your profile and receive jobseeker applies in Email.

We know what you are thinking next…

Would I have to pay to create/maintain my NaukriRecruiter profile?
No, it’s absolutely free!


Would my email and phone number be visible to jobseeker?
No, we will never display your email-ID and phone number to jobseekers. Jobseekers can only apply to jobs posted on your profile and you would get the applies on your primary (login) or secondary email. The applies would contain the contact details of the jobseeker.

I have not purchased Naukri Job Posting or Resdex Database access, can I still create my NaukriRecruiter profile?
Yes. Even if you are not a client of Naukri’s Recruitment Solutions (Resume Database or Job Postings), you should still create your profile.

What is my NaukriRecruiter vCard?
NaukriRecruiter vCard is like your online signature. It contains your name, photo, current company, current designation and current location. It also contains the link to your public NaukriRecruiter profile, but it does not display any of your contact information.

I have purchased Naukri Job Postings / Resdex, how can my NaukriRecruiter account benefit me?
When you post a job on Naukri or send mails to jobseeker from Resdex using your NaukriRecruiter primary Email-ID (or the secondary email-ID mentioned in your NaukriRecruiter account), your NaukriRecruiter vCard would be automatically attached to the Job Posting / Resdex mail. This will increase the authenticity and credibility of your Job Posting/Email and consequently definitely increase jobseekers’ responses.

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What are you waiting for? Claim your NaukriRecruiter profile now & create your online recruitment identity!

Naukri Product Team