Introducing AI-powered Relevance Score to help you reach the right talent faster

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Hiring is an extremely difficult process which consumes a significant bandwidth of recruiters. With majority of the talent acquisition leaders sharing that the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool, we at Naukri, are constantly striving to make that task easier.

We have looked at lakhs of applications, actions that recruiters took on them and conducted multiple close interactions with recruiters so as to thoroughly understand their varying preferences of applications. These insights were then incorporated into enhancing the current AI-powered matching algorithm.

With the newly introduced relevance score, you can not only identify the most relevant applications but also understand why they are relevant, based on their evaluation against the job on 6 parameters – skills, designation, experience, salary, location & education.

Relevance Score

Naukri’s AI-powered matching algorithm evaluates the job & application on various crucial parameters to arrive at the Relevance Score. It is a score out of 10, given to each application based on how relevant the application is to the job. The applications are then categorized as “High Match”, “Medium Match” or “Low Match”.

Relevance Score is much simpler now and gives you an objective understanding of the overall relevance of the application as well the detailed scores. You can simply hover on the Relevance Score to check out the detailed scores.

No more spending time manually going through tons of job applications. Use AI-powered Relevance Score to get the right fit right away.

Matching score on different parameters

In addition to the Relevance Score, you can also view how well the application matches your criteria on different parameters like skills, designation, salary, experience, location & education. You simply need to hover on the Relevance Score. This will help you compare two similar profiles objectively & shortlist the candidates with high score right away.

If you wish to see the best skilled applicants first, you can use sort by ‘Skill relevance score’ to bring out the best applications on top. You can also sort the applications basis how well their designation matches your job by using sort by on ‘Designation score’.

Feedback while rejecting applicants

You can now share why you did’nt like an application and help us improve the AI-powered matching algorithm. This would enable us to only send you applications which cater best to your needs. While marking an application as rejected, you will see a screen where you can select a reason due to which the application was found non-relevant.

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