Get more responses from Jobseekers with the all-new CHAT feature in Resdex

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We, at Naukri, are always looking at new avenues to enable jobseeker – recriuiter communication.

Till now, users could contact jobseekers via call, email or SMS.

Now, we are enabling a new communication channel between jobseekers and recruiters in Naukri – CHAT

Below is a brief overview of the new features and its benefits.




  1. A chat can be initiated by the recruiter only, from CV Detail Page in Resdex
  2.           Clicking on the “Chat” button, opens the Chat Window. Recruiter can initiate chat by sending introductory messages
  3. Recruiters can also re-initiate communication from previous chat-history by clicking on the Chat icon in the GNB.
  4. Jobseeker receives instant notification on App and Desktop. All chat conversations will be available under newly added MESSAGES tab.
  5. Recruiters can share Jobs as well as files with Jobseekers, and vice-versa.
  6. Both parties also have the option to block each other.



  • For Beta Phase, no quota is consumed when chat is initiated/re-initiated.
  • When we roll-out the final Chat Product, each chat initiation/re-initiation will be considered as a CV View.


Please note :

This is a BETA rollout which has been released to limited set of clients. We will roll it out to all clients in due course of time.


In case of any queries, reach out to