Use Naukri Referral tool to ‘Invite Referrals without posting a job on Naukri’

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You must be already aware of how you can use a Naukri job to invite referrals from employees.

What if you want to invite Referrals but do not have a job posted on Naukri ?
What if there are some positions in your company which are open round-the-year and you do not want to post a job for the same ?

Well, you can use the General CV option in the Naukri referral tool to invite employee referrals for such cases.

What is the ‘General CV’ option ?

  1. A General CV option allows you to seek referrals for a specific Job Title / Team Name/ Department name/ Any other generic grouping from your employees.
  2. You do not  need to post a job on Naukri. Even a job description is not needed.
  3. You can simply create a placeholder for generic CVs and invite referrals for the same.


What are generic CVs ?

  • A lot of times employees may want to refer a friend but are not able to find a matching position on intranet.
  • Also, employees may not be sure where the friend’s CV may fit in.
  • Recruiters don’t have Open Positions at all times. But may want to receive CVs from employees for a specific department or in General.

These referral CVs are generic in nature and not specific to a position.
Most HR teams require generic CVs for their common positions.


How does ‘General CV’ option work ?

  1. Mention a Department/Team name  for which CVs are to be requested
  2. Send this as part of your referral email to  employees
  3. Employees can submit general CVs along with their own information (Employee Email/Employee Id/Employee Name).


Do I need to post a job on Naukri ?

  1. No, there is no need of selecting a referral job posted on Naukri
  2. A General CV referral mailer can be sent standalone


How can I create this ‘General CV’ folder (for Generic requirement) ?

You can create generic CV option by mentioning the requirement name on the ‘Create  Referral’ page under ‘General CV’ option.

 general CV- create referral

Where can I see referral responses for a ‘General CV’ folder ?

All General referred CVs are available under “Other Media Jobs” section (on ‘Manage Jobs & Responses’ page).

General CVs - OMJ


How will a Referral General CV tuple look like ?

  1. Referral General CV tuple will look as below
  2. Each Referred CV will also carry Employee’s details who has referred that CV

General CV tuple

You can search on the contents of the attached referral CV by using ‘Advanced Search’ option.

General CV search
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Ankur Agarwal
Naukri Product Team