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Get Contacted without Displaying Contact Details

One of the benefits of Naukri job postings is the response/messages from unregistered jobseekers. Recruiters can display their contact details on the Job Details page so that users not registered on can also contact them. From jobseekers perspective, they can clarify their doubts before applying to a job. However, displaying the contact details publicly has a downside, as at times spammers target the publicly displayed email addresses. To reduce this risk, we are introducing a new feature on Job Posting and Job Details pages today. With Send Query a recruiter can get queries /... Read More

Automatic Shortlisting – makes recruitment even easier!!

Combining the power of Resdex and Job Posting for recruitment As a recruiter, you can Send a Job as Email ( to over 2000 jobseekers in one go (and more in the sets of up to 2000). After posting a job on Naukri, you can search the most relevant candidates in Resdex and send them the job. Send a Job as Email thus combines the power of Job Posting and Resdex, and helps in closing the positions at the earliest. Searching and shortlisting of relevant candidates from Resdex may require significant amount of time and effort. Now, Naukri can also help in... Read More

FAQ – Personalized Application Filters

1. What are 'Personalized Application Filters' in Job Posting ? At times, shortlisting the right candidates becomes tedious for Recruiters because: Some of the Responses may not match the requirement(s) for the posted job. Too many Responses may lead to recruiter missing out on relevant candidates. Recruiters can now apply 'Personalized Application Filters' to their Job Posting(s). Only those Responses that match these filters will be sent on Recruiter's email id(s) and marked as 'Matched applications' in Online Response Manager. 2. How will Application Filters... Read More

Personalized Application Filters (PAF) – Get ONLY Relevant Job Responses

What are Personalized Application Filters - With a huge response to every job posting chances are high that you would miss out on talent that’s buried under this pile. But NOT anymore! Enjoy easier and faster shortlisting now. * Set Customized Filters * Modify filters according to your needs * Get only relevant responses directly in your Inbox How to set filters to your job posting in Simple Steps – Step 1: Choose 'Applications based on 'Personalized Application Filters' under Manage Responses section in Naukri Job Posting form Step 2: Select values for one or more of the... Read More

Broadcast your Job to your Social Network !

Make your job stand out and get more applies. [caption id="attachment_2551" align="alignnone" width="262"] Broadcast your job to larger Audience[/caption] Sharing your job to your Social Networks got more easier ! And that too in a single click - 1.Share your job on Social Networks immediately after posting the job 2. Share an already posted job from 'Manage Jobs and Responses' section Each job has a Broadcast link which takes you to the social sharing page. [caption id="attachment_2519" align="alignnone" width="500"] Broadcast your job from 'Manage Jobs and Responses'... Read More

Keeping your Naukri Recruiter account safe

Dear Recruiters, Your Naukri recruiter account gives you access to valuable resources such as the Jobseeker Database (Resdex), Job postings and other products that you have purchased. So it is extremely important for you to be careful about phishing and scamming emails that are designed to steal your recruiter login and password. The only way to safeguard yourself is to be aware of such threats and follow the best practices as outlined below. 1. Never enter your recruiter account password after clicking on a link sent in an email or present on another website or in... Read More

Spot the right candidate with ease- Resdex Search Results Page gets a new look!

We are now introducing a more powerful 'Refine Results' section on the Resume Search Results Page making the feature more exhaustive, useful and actionable. 1. You can now easily refine your search results based on Salary, Industry, Functional Area, Role, UG Qualification, PG Qualification and Current Location. 2. You can make multiple selections when refining. This reduces the number of clicks, and your time required, to find the most relevant resume. 3. We have also taken this opportunity to change the structure of the page based on feedback from users. We have shifted the Refine Results... Read More

Now Get more ‘Keyword Suggestions’ for your Job !

Tired of thinking what keywords you can add to your Job Postings? Not able to think of suitable keywords for your job ? Not anymore !   Now get 'Keywords Suggestions' for your jobs - 1. Enter the keywords that you remember and leave the rest to us. 2. As soon as you enter even one keyword and click outside the keywords box, a set of suggestions will appear related to the keyword entered by you. 3. You can click on the suggestion to add it in the keywords box. Please see a demo below - [caption id="attachment_2393" align="alignnone" width="500"] Keywords Suggestions in Job... Read More

The New Naukri Job Posting Form

Posting jobs was never so easy. The New Naukri job posting form is more convenient, faster and easier to use. Now, Enjoy higher productivity with the following features: 1. More convenience & clarity with Logically grouped sections & well-defined boundaries   2. All Mandatory fields together in "Job Details" Section All mandatory fields are now grouped together and have been brought upfront under "Job Details" section. So, if you are in a hurry you can post jobs faster by just entering the mandatory details. [caption id="attachment_2319" align="alignnone"... Read More

Send A Live Job as Email

This feature enables you to send a job, LIVE on, as an email to 2000 candidates in one-shot. There are many limitations of the current Resdex emailing System, some of which are - a) Can send to only 80 candidates in one-shot b) Can only send plain-text emails c) In case there are duplicate candidate contacts, you do not have an option 'contacting all candidates' d) Candidates can only reply to the your email Now, a new feature to "Send Job as Email" has been introduced which address all these current limitations. Using this feature, you can send a LIVE job on Read More