Send A Live Job as Email

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This feature enables you to send a job, LIVE on, as an email to 2000 candidates in one-shot.

There are many limitations of the current Resdex emailing System, some of which are –
a) Can send to only 80 candidates in one-shot
b) Can only send plain-text emails
c) In case there are duplicate candidate contacts, you do not have an option ‘contacting all candidates’
d) Candidates can only reply to the your email

Now, a new feature to “Send Job as Email” has been introduced which address all these current limitations. Using this feature, you can send a LIVE job on to as many as 2,000 candidates in one-shot. You can use this feature in 3 easy steps –

1. Select ‘Send Job as Email’ option from search result page

A new option for ‘Send Job as Email’ has been introduced on the search result page. This feature does not work on candidate selection, i.e. even if you have not selected any candidates from search result page, you can still use this option.

SAJE option on SRP

‘Send Job as Email’ option on SRP

2. Select job to send, specify candidate range and targeting (experience/CTC) parameters

Selecting ‘Send Job as Email’ would land you on a page, where you have to do the following –
a) Select a LIVE job, posted by any employee in your company, to be sent via email
b) Select the starting and ending index of resume to which you want to mail this job to
c) Specify experience and CTC of the your target jobseeker

'Send Job as EMail' page

‘Send Job as Email’ configuration page

3. Preview the mail and click on ‘Send Mails’

Preview page for SAJE

Preview page for ‘Send Job as Email’

This is all you need to do to use this feature! Please note that after sending mail to first 2000 candidates, you can click on ‘Send Job as Mail’ and send mails to next 2000 candidates and so on.

Sounds Good ! Let us know your feedback for making this product even better for your usage.

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