Spot the right candidate with ease- Resdex Search Results Page gets a new look!

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We are now introducing a more powerful ‘Refine Results’ section on the Resume Search Results Page making the feature more exhaustive, useful and actionable.

1. You can now easily refine your search results based on Salary, Industry, Functional Area, Role, UG Qualification, PG Qualification and Current Location.

2. You can make multiple selections when refining. This reduces the number of clicks, and your time required, to find the most relevant resume.

3. We have also taken this opportunity to change the structure of the page based on feedback from users. We have shifted the Refine Results panel to the left of the page in order to improve usability and readability of the page for you.

Here is a quick demo of how the new Refine Results functionality works:



How to use Multi-Select Refine Results to your advantage :

Some jobseekers misclassify their Industry, Functional Area, Role even though their profile is rich with the relevant skills that you want. So, if you select an Industry or Functional Area or Role in the search-form before you conduct a search, such candidates will not show up on the results page.

With Multi-Select Refine feature on the Results Page, you need not guess the Industry or Functional Area before you conduct the search. You can just perform a broad search with only Keywords, Experience range CTC and Location. Basis the distribution of results across various categories, you can decide better how you want to refine the results.

We hope this helps reduce your time to find relevant resumes. We look forward to your feedback.

Happy Talent hunting!

Praveen Chandran

Product Team,