Get better at using Naukri – Download the Quick Start Guide

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Whether you are an experienced recruiter or have just started out, the Quick Start Guide has tips and techniques to help you find the right candidate faster.

It is extremely important that you are aware of the different Resdex Search and Job Posting tips and when to use them to get the desired results. The Quick Start Guide for Recruiters is a small attempt to help you with your quest for talent. This document is drafted in a simple and user friendly manner to help not only a new recruiter but also aid people who have been using our recruitment solutions for a long time.

The guide is divided into three sections to help you locate information that is relevant to you:

Resume Database (Resdex)

This section describes the various search options that Naukri provides. Depending on your need and convenience, you can use one of the five search option Naukri provides – Advanced Search, IT Search, EZ Search, Role Search and My Search. Advanced Search is the most comprehensive search form and is the most widely used also. You will also come to know about how to use the information presented on search result page and how to effectively manage your folders.

Job Posting and Response Management

This section describes Naukri Job Posting and Response Management solutions. It briefly explains Hot Vacancy, Naukri’s premium job posting service and various filters that you can use while posting jobs to easily sort and filter applications. You will also come to know about free Naukri Response Manager and eApps (the paid version of the response manager with some additional features like searching resumes and assigning filters).

Account Management

This section mentions the rights which a super user has and reports that super-user/sub-user have access to. This section also explains the ‘Manage Subuser’ section, using which a super-user can add/remove a sub-user and modify his access permissions.

So go ahead, download the Quick Start Guide and get better at using!