NaukriRecruiter – FAQs by jobseekers

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1. What are Recruiter Profiles?

Recruiters can now create their profiles on NaukriRecruiter and post jobs in these profiles which jobseekers can apply to.

NaukriRecruiter features the profiles of some of the most prolific recruiters in the country. These profiles contain the jobs posted by the recruiters not only on Naukri but also on other job portals.

2. What benefit do I get from the NaukriRecruiter profiles?

As a jobseeker you can search and follow the recruiter profiles in NaukriRecruiter. Following recruiter profiles keep you updated about the latest jobs posted by them and you can be the first to apply to these jobs. Since recruiters also post non-Naukri jobs on their NaukriRecruiter Profiles, you can get access to a wide variety of jobs. Additionally, when you follow a recruiter, he/she can view your complete profile and contact you directly for relevant open positions.

3. Where do I find NaukriRecruiter Profiles to follow?

The NaukriRecruiter profiles can be accessed from multiple locations. Learn how to access NaukriRecruiter Profiles, how to search recruiter profiles and how to follow them.

4. How do I follow NaukriRecruiter Profiles?

Once you have searched for recruiters, you can follow recruiters by clicking on the Follow button. Learn more.

5. How many recruiters can I follow?

There is no limit to the number of recruiters you can follow on NaukriRecruiter. However, to get the most relevant job updates we suggest that you follow recruiters who hire in the Industry and Functional Areas in which you are interested.

6. What happens once I start following NaukriRecruiter Profiles?

Once you start following NaukriRecruiter Profiles, you will get updates about new jobs posted from those recruiters in your Naukri Account. In addition you will receive updates whenever any recruiter that you have followed makes changes to their profile.Learn more.

7. What are recommended recruiters?

Recommended recruiters are Naukri suggested recruiters that you should consider following. These recruiters post jobs in the Industry, Functional area that you are interested in and they are looking for candidates like you.

8. How do I stop following a NaukriRecruiter Profile?

You can stop following a NaukriRecruiter profile by unfollowing them in the Manage Recruiters section of your Naukri Account. Learn More.