Now finding the best candidates just got easier!

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To provide greater value for your money and help you find the best candidates faster, we have now introduced candidate clusters on search result page. You can now search your mandate and then drill down quicker among 4 different groups of candidates – All Resumes, Premium Resumes, Confidential Resumes and Featured Resumes – who match your requirement. It will help you quickly identify, and zero-in, on high quality candidates who may be ready for new job opportunities.

Next time you log into Resdex you would see these four tabs on search result page.

Tabs on Resdex search results page

Candidate groups on Resdex search results page

The candidates have been grouped under four heads.

1. All Resumes – this would have all resumes which match your search.

2. Premium Resumes – Premium Resumes are of those candidates with a markedly high quality of work experience, and/or educational background. They have been recognized as Premium by Naukri.

You can also search ‘Only Premium candidates’ from the search form.

Search on Premium Candidates Only

Resdex Search Form: Search on Premium Candidates Only

Premium candidates would be shown with a Premium icon.

3. Confidential Resumes – Confidential Resumes are of those handpicked premium candidates who wish to maintain their confidentiality while changing jobs. If you like any resume, please click on the contact button (on the resume page) to request for further details about the candidate.

4. Featured Resumes – Featured Resumes are of those candidates who have availed jobseeker services from Naukri and are actively looking for a change in their career. These candidates would be shown with a Featured icon.

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