Introducing’s iFind Technology

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Your search for resumes is now powered by’s iFind Technology. Text-based search engines only search what you type. But iFind Technology is a combined suite of tools and algorithms applied at each of the 5 stages involved in the process of helping you find the right candidate.

1. Search Form powered by iFind – More precise query composition by ‘Top Ranked Institutes’, options to filter candidates by their ‘Last Active Date’, a more convenient IT skills query form, and query  by the ‘Candidates Preferred Location’ (to be launched soon)

2. Intuitive iFind – The iFind algorithm finds resumes that not only contain the text you entered, but also those resumes that match the intent of your query.  The iFind algorithm is powered to find what you mean, not just what you type. This increases the volume of relevant resumes available to you to choose from.

3. Intelligent Suggestions – Depending on your query, iFind suggests terms that are related to your query – thereby helping you reach resumes that you otherwise may not have found. These Suggested Searches are pre-formed keyword queries where Related Concepts are already combined with your original query using Boolean operators, and the rest of the search parameters are preserved as it is.

4. Improved Relevance Ranking – The iFind algorithm balances Relevance with Freshness such that you do not have to paginate unnecessarily to later pages to find the most relevant resumes. With additional focus on IT skills, iFind significantly improves discovery and ranking of candidates with skills in various programming languages, IT tools & databases.

5. With iFind, you remain in control – With additional One-Click refine results so you can focus on candidates who have a specific designation, skill, or belong to a particular company. Additionally, you will soon have the convenience to take an informed choice, after seeing the results, to refine results on basis of any combination of Industry-Functional Area-Location, without having to return to the form.’s iFind Technology for is this combination of new tools in the search form,  techniques to understand your query, an engine to assist you with related concepts, an improved ranking algorithm, and sharp refinement tools – and they together let you zero-in, laser-like, on the most relevant candidates. Moreover, iFind Technology powers not just searching for resumes, but also improves the matching of your Job Postings with resumes. Its granular text based, weightage oriented logic will match, and recommend, your jobs to the most relevant candidates with an even greater precision than before.

That is why you will hardly feel that you are searching anymore. You will, straight away, find the right candidate.

10 thoughts on “Introducing’s iFind Technology

  1. Congratulations for making it more user friendly. However, there are few things needs to be reconsidered, like Grey color font is very eye stressing. font size seems smaller.
    Contact Numbers are seems lost withnin text.

    pls look into it.

  2. PLesae restore the previous resdex,that was cmore comfortable with better filter facility.
    This one is really tough and irritating for me and my people working with me.
    Cant you put any option of switching to older version.

  3. – The new interface seems to be more clumsy and difficult to operate. we are more comfortable with the older version of Naukri recruiter’s login.
    We are unable to locate relevant CV’s for a search performed. The algorithm seems to be poor on searches.
    You should take feedback from client’s before actually rolling out the same.
    We would request you to kindly contact us @ 8802207273/011-46208701 to resolve queries.

  4. The new version is pretty good, but we really want you to work on the background color..The previous one was the best fit..This one appears to be really dull.

  5. Its quite convenient to use new naukri,however if the old feature of naukri SIMILAR RESUME is also incorporate that will be much more conveinent to use.


  6. Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging!

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