Target your jobseekers better and get more relevant responses…

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We have designed a new Contact Candidates page for you, where you email candidates from. This change is
being done to help you target jobseekers better, send more informative emails and get more number of relevant

Refer below the snapshot of what the current Resdex Contact Candidates page looks like.

Current Contact Candidate Page

Current Contact Candidate Page

Current Resdex Contact Page

We are going to improve this page soon so that you will be able to present your email to job-seekers in a richer
, better format. Additionally you will now have greater control on who you want to send the email to – this will
help you use your email credits judiciously and effectively.  You will agree that sending a mail to 10 relevant
candidates is more efficient than sending emails to a thousand irrelevant candidates – and the new Resdex
contact form would help you do just that!

Read more on the new candidate contact page here