New Manage Jobs Interface!

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We have introduced a new Manage Jobs Interface which will provide the convenience of managing job postings (edit, refresh, delete, broadcast) and viewing responses on one single page.

Detailed list of changes/improvements in the new interface

  1. Manage Jobs and View Responses functionalities for all jobs (including eApps) will be clubbed together and shown on one single page.

  2. The name of the tab in the Global Navigation Bar will change to Jobs & Responses and all the  links currently appearing under ‘Jobs’ and ‘Responses’ tab will now appear clubbed under this tab.

  3. Clicking on the Manage Jobs link will land the user on a page listing all jobs (Regular, eApps, Offline).

  4. There will be a filter to view only eApps jobs as well.

  5. The Search Jobs Bar currently available for regular jobs (BRV) will now be the common search form for all jobs now (including eApps Jobs).
  6. Next Refresh date will be shown along with Job Posing date (the sort will function on Job posting date.

  7. Multiple-Job-Action buttons available on top – Refresh, Share, Unshare, Remove.
  8. Multiple Refreshes: User can now select multiple jobs on this page and click the Refresh Button from top to refresh multiple jobs at once.
    Refreshing jobs now will not disturb the Scheduled Auto Refresh cycle of the jobs, i.e. the refresh cycle already set will continue as it is.

  9. Jobs actions (Edit, Refresh, Remove, Broadcast, Download Responses) will be available on mouse over, on each individual job.

  10. There will be a Jobs posted by dropdown with the values; ‘All’, ‘You’, ‘Others’.
    ‘All’ will be the default value. Selecting ‘You’ will show all jobs posted by the logged-in sub user and selecting ‘Others’ will show all jobs that have been posted (and shared with you) by other sub users.

  11. The tab ‘Jobs Drafts’ has been renamed to ‘Drafts’. User will also have an option to view Saved and Auto Saved jobs separately.

Do share your comments and feedback with us below.

Screenshot of the new interface:

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