Enhanced Mini-Tuples: Active Date and CV Attachment Information

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We are excited to introduce a range of feature enhancements aimed at elevating your experience on our platform. These updates bring valuable insights and efficiency to your recruitment journey, enabling you to make more informed decisions and streamline your processes.

What’s New?

  1. “Similar Profiles” Section: On the CV Details page, a “Similar Profiles” section has been added. This allows you to quickly gauge the activity level and view CV attachments of similar profiles within specific time frames. This feature eliminates the need to open each profile individually, saving you time and effort while assessing candidate relevance.

“Previous and Next CV” Navigation: Navigating between profiles has been made smoother with the “Previous and Next CV” option. This provides a snapshot of each candidate’s active date and CV attachment status. Seamlessly evaluate candidates based on their activity and CV availability, enhancing your decision-making process.

“Interested Candidates” Suggestions: On the Resdex SRP, identifying actively seeking candidates is now easier than ever. The “Interested Candidates” feature highlights profiles of candidates actively searching for opportunities and having their CVs readily available. This empowers you to engage with candidates who are actively seeking new roles.

Why This Update? This update is designed to offer an efficient and user-friendly experience, streamlining the process of finding the most relevant and active candidates. By displaying the Active Date and CV Attachment Information on mini-tuples, recruiters can swiftly assess candidate activity and engagement levels. These updates optimize the recruitment process, enabling recruiters to make informed decisions and save valuable time.

Who Benefits? These feature enhancements are available to all Resdex and Resdex Enterprise clients. Whether you are searching for candidates, evaluating profiles, or engaging with potential hires, these updates provide the tools you need to navigate your recruitment tasks more effectively.