Displaying CTC Expectations on CV Details Page

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In an era where efficient hiring is not just preferred but essential, understanding the salary expectations of potential candidates can be a game-changer. And that’s where our newest update comes in.

What’s the New Update?

In a bid to make the recruitment process smoother and more transparent, there has been a significant change in the way CV details are presented. Now, on the CV details page, the CTC (Cost to Company) expectations of the candidates will be clearly visible, but only when we have valid and verified data.

What’s more, this expected CTC will be presented right next to the candidate’s current CTC. This juxtaposition serves a vital purpose. It offers a clear perspective to the recruiters about what the candidate is currently earning and what they expect to earn in their next role. Thus, by placing these two figures side by side, recruiters can develop a complete understanding of the candidate’s salary requirements. This knowledge is instrumental in making informed decisions swiftly during the hiring process.

Why introduce such an update? The answer lies in streamlining the recruitment process.

The main goal of this update is to enable recruiters to evaluate potential candidates more effectively. By providing direct insights into the salary expectations of candidates, we aim to eliminate the ambiguity surrounding this crucial aspect of hiring.

When recruiters have a clear picture of a candidate’s CTC expectations, they can easily align these expectations with the salary brackets set by their organization. This synchronization ensures that recruiters can approach candidates that fall within their budget, leading to a more targeted and efficient hiring process.

Who Should Be on the Lookout?

The update is set to impact a specific set of our user base. All Resdex and Resdex Enterprise clients will experience this change. If you belong to this segment, prepare for a more streamlined and efficient hiring journey ahead.

In conclusion, in a world where time is of the essence, making informed decisions quickly is paramount. By presenting both current and expected CTC figures, we aim to provide recruiters with the necessary tools to do just that. Happy hiring!