Job Posting Form Improvements for Enhanced CV Matching

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We’re thrilled to introduce remarkable enhancements to our job posting forms, designed to elevate your CV matching experience.

Reimagined Form Structure: Our job posting form has undergone a makeover to spotlight essential details. Notably, the job description field has found a slightly lower spot, while the company industry field now resides below the company name. This ensures uniformity in static information across jobs within the same company.

Enhanced User Experience: We’ve revamped checkbox fields, transforming them into intuitive questions for improved usability. Fields like vacancies, diversity hiring, and walk-in sections have been seamlessly transformed into questions, ensuring clarity at every step.

Precision in Labeling: Say hello to the “Candidate Industry” field, formerly known as “Preferred Industry.” This change brings a sharper focus on capturing job seekers’ industry preferences.

Empowering Skill Input: The skills field has evolved. Auto-suggestions are now a thing of the past. Users will begin by entering the job title, followed by skills. This tweak puts the user’s input first, ensuring the most crucial skills take center stage.

Simplified Location: We’ve streamlined job posting locations, now allowing a maximum of 3 instead of 9. This alteration simplifies the job seeker experience, especially when multiple locations are involved.

Unified Roles: The department and role category fields have united as one. This shift enhances role discovery within a department, aiding recruiters in finding the perfect match for their postings.

Tailored Role Insights: The role field will exclusively appear when department and role category inputs fall short for job CV matching.

Sales Job Focus: For sales roles, the “Preferred Candidate Industry” field will be mandatory, underlining its significance.

Who’s Impacted?

These dynamic changes span both online and offline job postings, catering exclusively to hot vacancy job postings.