You can now add Photos and Presentations to your Job Postings!

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We have introduced a new feature to add Photos and Presentations to your Job Posting. These would be displayed to the jobseeker on the Job Description (JD) page. This feature is intended to work for you as a branding tool so that you can promote/advertise your company to jobseekers better.

You can either upload photos of your office facility and people (building, employee work space, cafeteria, office personnel etc.) or upload a corporate presentation that you would like jobseekers to go through.

As of now, we have limited the access of this feature to Companies that –

   a) Have an active Hot Vacancy subscription
   b) Do not have an active Microsite or Customized Template subscription

Please note that this feature would not be available to Consultants for now.

This works in three easy steps –

1. Upload photos/presentations to a repository in your account

You first have to upload the photos/presentations to the repository. The repository can be accessed from (only super-user of your company would have access to this interface) –

  a) MNR Home Page -> Job Posting Settings
  b) Administration -> Product Settings -> Job Posting Settings -> Add Photos | Add Presentations

You can upload a maximum of 10 photos (file type supported: jpg, png, gif) of 500KB each and 3 presentations (file type supported: ppt, pptx) of 5MB each.

2. Attach them to your job posting

Your Hot Vacancy job posting form would now have two links for ‘Add Photos’ and ‘Attach Presentations’. These links would be visible irrespective of whether you have uploaded any photos/ppt in the repository or not.

Whether you are a super-user or a sub-user, you can attach photos/presentations to the job posting. A maximum of 10 photos and 1 presentation can be added to a job posting.

3. Jobseeker can now see them on JD page

Photos/presentations attached to a job would now be visible on JD page as thumbnails – one thumbnail each for photo/presentation. Clicking on the PPT thumbnail would download the presentation attached to the job, whereas clicking on photo thumbnail would open all the photos attached to the job in a carousel.

So go ahead, attach photos/presentations to your Job Posting and highlight your company’s brand to jobseekers!

Click this link, if unable to view presentation above.

Regards, Team