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5 tools you didn’t know about, which will help you find the most relevant candidate

We know that recruiters spend a lot of time to painstakingly manage the job applications. Most of them only go so far as to set a mailbox rule to directly send responses coming in for a particular job into separate folders. Here are 5 tips/techniques that, we believe, should help you select your right candidate easier and faster. 1.Use EZ filters in Online Response Manager EZ Filters in Online Response Manager allows you to zero-in on applications that match the exact requirement posted by you in just a couple of clicks, without even going through all the applications. It allows you to... Read More

Edit & Refresh a Job in One Go !

Now you can Edit and Refresh a job on the site in one easy step. When you are editing a job, you will also have an option to ‘Post & Refresh’ it on the preview and confirmation page. Clicking this button will post the job with the applied changes and also refresh it to ensure better visibility and higher ranking on the site. Click image to enlarge

Get the Entire Day’s Response in One e-Mail

If you get too many responses to your job posting and you have been looking for ways to manage those applications better, we may have the right solution for you. A new feature, ‘Daily Summary of Responses’ will send you only one mail per day, summarizing the applications in response to your job posting. This means - No more clogging of e-Mail Inbox with hundreds of emails! But how do you view each application in detail? The individual job applications can be viewed online in the ‘Response Manager’ account where it is extremely convenient for you to review and shortlist applicants.... Read More

Upgrade to Office 2007 or Download Converter to view resumes uploaded in Doc-x format

Going forward jobseekers registering with will be able to upload their resumes in doc-x format. Currently only doc (MS Word 2003) and the rich text formats were allowed. This will help jobseekers using MS Office 2007 register faster with us. Also more jobseekers will be able to upload their word CV’s with us, and that will only help you shortlist the best candidate sooner. Incase you are still using a version of MS Office lower than 2007, we advise you to download a converter immediately. The converter allows you to read Word 2007 CV’s in the correct format. The... Read More

How to drive more responses using Insta Recruit?

How to use Insta Recruit effectively Insta Recruit is designed to save you time in your recruitment process. Here are some basic tips to draw more responses from Jobseekers using Insta-Recruit. The text of the SMS should contain the essential pieces about a Job (Job profile, skills required, experience, and location). Clarity of the context should not be compromised even while using the SMS lingo (only remove the vowels where common abbreviations are not found). Minimize using special characters in the text of the SMS, some special characters cannot be displayed on low range... Read More

Now, Job Postings using XML Feeds

Posting jobs on Naukri has become even easier and faster. We have launched a new interface 'Test an XML' that will help you in parsing your XML files before you upload your jobs on Naukri using the XML feed method. What is an XML Feed? An XML (Extensible Markup Language) file can contain information about multiple job postings. When you send your XML file to Naukri, it is known as an XML feed. So, by using an XML feed you can post multiple jobs on Naukri without having to fill up the job posting forms for each of them. Why use an XML Feed? XML postings would be a seamless process. Using... Read More

e-Apps – Online Response Management Software

While some recruiters prefer to receive applications on email, some find it cumbersome and wish for a solution that could help them organize their daily chores. The e-Apps software, can come handy to recruiters handling multiple job openings or companies handling recruitments at different locations. What all can one achieve using e-Apps:- Post a job with e-Apps and route all applications to your online account. View multiple applicant summary on one page with most important details upfront. The summary page shows Name, key skills, experience, education details, employment... Read More

The Response Manager – Manage Applications Online

The Response Manager is an online interface where one can view all responses received for jobs posted. This is available to all clients posting jobs on for free. There are various advantages of using the interface: Responses can be sorted on freshness(freshest applications on top) or relevance (most relevant responses on top) Summary of multiple applications can be viewed on the same page. Responses can be further categorized into sub-folders called ‘shortlist', ‘on-hold' or ‘Reject' by the recruiter himself. When compared to e-mails this would take much lesser... Read More

CVNotes: Now you can see work related micro-updates from jobseekers

Most people have this inertia that prevents them from regularly updating recent achievements in their resume. It is not practical to frequently update their profiles and upload the latest word resume on Naukri every few weeks. Thus, you could lose out on the very recent and important information about a jobseeker when you are taking decisions to shortlist their CV. Now, with Naukri CVNotes - micro-updates on a jobseekers profile - recruiters can expect to see the very recent professional highlights posted by jobseekers. With CVNotes, the Naukri resume will be a ‘live' document that... Read More

Experience the new search for IT Profiles – IT Search from

For recruiters looking for people with a specific set of IT Skills, we are launching new kind of search - the IT Search. IT search is a standalone, specialized search in Resdex for recruitment specific to IT Profiles. Now you can search for IT professionals with a specific skill set and a specific number of years of experience in each of those skills. You can also add other search criteria in the search form.  To start with the IT Search, use the form displayed below: You can select upto 5 Skills in the IT Skills Section and select the minimum Experience for each skill Select... Read More