Get the Entire Day’s Response in One e-Mail

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If you get too many responses to your job posting and you have been looking for ways to manage those applications better, we may have the right solution for you.

A new feature, ‘Daily Summary of Responses’ will send you only one mail per day, summarizing the applications in response to your job posting. This means – No more clogging of e-Mail Inbox with hundreds of emails!

But how do you view each application in detail? The individual job applications can be viewed online in the ‘Response Manager’ account where it is extremely convenient for you to review and shortlist applicants. Here are some features in the Response Manager that you will find useful:

  1. Review multiple applications for a job at once. This should help you compare the applications to quickly select the most relevant ones.
  2. ‘EZ Filters’ help you filter applications that match the job requirements best. You can filter applications that match the job experience, location, industry and education.
  3. Use Folders to keep shortlisted, rejected, on-hold applications separate.

All you have to do is, set ‘Daily Summary’ as your Response Option while posting a job and you are done.

Here’s how:

We look forward to your feedback.


Naukri Team