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Broadcast your Job to your Social Network !

Make your job stand out and get more applies. [caption id="attachment_2551" align="alignnone" width="262"] Broadcast your job to larger Audience[/caption] Sharing your job to your Social Networks got more easier ! And that too in a single click - 1.Share your job on Social Networks immediately after posting the job 2. Share an already posted job from 'Manage Jobs and Responses' section Each job has a Broadcast link which takes you to the social sharing page. [caption id="attachment_2519" align="alignnone" width="500"] Broadcast your job from 'Manage Jobs and Responses'... Read More

Keeping your Naukri Recruiter account safe

Dear Recruiters, Your Naukri recruiter account gives you access to valuable resources such as the Jobseeker Database (Resdex), Job postings and other products that you have purchased. So it is extremely important for you to be careful about phishing and scamming emails that are designed to steal your recruiter login and password. The only way to safeguard yourself is to be aware of such threats and follow the best practices as outlined below. 1. Never enter your recruiter account password after clicking on a link sent in an email or present on another website or in... Read More

Spot the right candidate with ease- Resdex Search Results Page gets a new look!

We are now introducing a more powerful 'Refine Results' section on the Resume Search Results Page making the feature more exhaustive, useful and actionable. 1. You can now easily refine your search results based on Salary, Industry, Functional Area, Role, UG Qualification, PG Qualification and Current Location. 2. You can make multiple selections when refining. This reduces the number of clicks, and your time required, to find the most relevant resume. 3. We have also taken this opportunity to change the structure of the page based on feedback from users. We have shifted the Refine Results... Read More

Now Get more ‘Keyword Suggestions’ for your Job !

Tired of thinking what keywords you can add to your Job Postings? Not able to think of suitable keywords for your job ? Not anymore !   Now get 'Keywords Suggestions' for your jobs - 1. Enter the keywords that you remember and leave the rest to us. 2. As soon as you enter even one keyword and click outside the keywords box, a set of suggestions will appear related to the keyword entered by you. 3. You can click on the suggestion to add it in the keywords box. Please see a demo below - [caption id="attachment_2393" align="alignnone" width="500"] Keywords Suggestions in Job... Read More

The New Naukri Job Posting Form

Posting jobs was never so easy. The New Naukri job posting form is more convenient, faster and easier to use. Now, Enjoy higher productivity with the following features: 1. More convenience & clarity with Logically grouped sections & well-defined boundaries   2. All Mandatory fields together in "Job Details" Section All mandatory fields are now grouped together and have been brought upfront under "Job Details" section. So, if you are in a hurry you can post jobs faster by just entering the mandatory details. [caption id="attachment_2319" align="alignnone"... Read More

Send A Live Job as Email

This feature enables you to send a job, LIVE on, as an email to 2000 candidates in one-shot. There are many limitations of the current Resdex emailing System, some of which are - a) Can send to only 80 candidates in one-shot b) Can only send plain-text emails c) In case there are duplicate candidate contacts, you do not have an option 'contacting all candidates' d) Candidates can only reply to the your email Now, a new feature to "Send Job as Email" has been introduced which address all these current limitations. Using this feature, you can send a LIVE job on Read More

Promote your workplace along with Job Posting…

Do you wish to promote your brand to jobseekers? Do you have a great workplace you want to tell people about? Does your company boast of a great work culture? The jobs you post on Naukri can now do all this for you! Naukri Job Posting has become even more powerful. Our new showcase feature with Job Posting product, allows you to add photos and presentations to your job. The following changes now make photo/presentation feature even more powerful - 1. Upload photos and presentation to the job directly Previously only super user could add photos/ppt to the repository. Recruiters... Read More

Now, search IT candidates in Resdex more easily

Searching Candidates under Functional Area Software Developmentwith multitude of associated roles available was a confusing and time-taking task. Not anymore! It just got easier and a lot more organized. We have introduced a new Functional Area in your Resdex search "Software Development - All". You can now search for all the software development categories through a single click in this parent Functional Area. What this means, is that when you select the functional area "Software Development - All" - it selects ALL the software development functional areas along with it. Whats even... Read More

Experience Your New Powerful Resdex Contact Candidate Page !

Contacting candidates through Resdex is not just Good anymore. It has become Great ! And here are the reasons why: 1. You can now target your Job-seekers better Target your job-seekers better with conscious CTC/Experience range to send mails only to the required set of candidates. We strongly suggest that you select your target group by setting up the correct filters on the Contact Candidate Page before sending Resdex Mails to jobseekers. 2. Save on Email Quota - No unconscious contacts anymore CTC and Experience filters will not just help you in increasing the... Read More

Resdex Contact Candidate Page – FAQs

1. Why do we have to enter the Experience, Salary and Location information about the job? Feedback from jobseekers shows that the Job Title, Work experience, Salary, and Location are the most important things they look for in deciding the suitability of the job. Jobseekers prefer this information to be mentioned upfront. This is important because some jobseekers receive more than 50 recruiter contacts in a week. 2. Is it mandatory to mention the Experience, Salary and Location information about the job? No, it is not mandatory. This is presented on top of the email to help jobseekers take... Read More