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How to access recruiter updates?

a)  The recruiter updates will be available on your My Naukri Page. [caption id="attachment_4663" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="My Naukri Recruiter Updates"][/caption] b) Recruiter updates can also be accessed from the "Recruiter Updates" Link under "Recruiter on Naukri" [caption id="attachment_4665" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Recruiter Updates"][/caption]

How to stop following a NaukriRecruiter profile?

You can manage the NaukriRecruiter profiles that you follow by visiting the Manage Recruiters section of your Naukri Account. You can visit their NaukriRecruiter profiles by clicking on their Names. You can choose to stop following any recruiter profile by clicking on the unfollow link.

NaukriRecruiter – FAQs by jobseekers

1. What are Recruiter Profiles? Recruiters can now create their profiles on NaukriRecruiter and post jobs in these profiles which jobseekers can apply to. NaukriRecruiter features the profiles of some of the most prolific recruiters in the country. These profiles contain the jobs posted by the recruiters not only on Naukri but also on other job portals. 2. What benefit do I get from the NaukriRecruiter profiles? As a jobseeker you can search and follow the recruiter profiles in NaukriRecruiter. Following recruiter profiles keep you updated about the latest jobs posted by them and... Read More

Top Benefits of using Naukri’s Referral Tool

  Naukri Employee Referral Tool is geared to suit the requirements of an evolving referral policy. It not just helps you streamline your referral process but also helps you get applies from your Employee's network. Top Reasons below - why it can work wonders for you ! 1. Automates the Referral Process 2. Reaches out to Passive Candidates as well 3. Increases the Viral Reach of your Job 4. Apply is Single Click 5. Everything collated in a Single Place 6. Reports to streamline Payout Process Read more below... Awesome. Isn't it ! Want to see how it works... Read More

Basics of an Employee Referral Program

  Is your Employee Referral program working for you ? Are you getting the right applications ? Lets go through the basic rules that your employee referral program should follow. Reach out to Employees Employees and their network are the backbone of any employee referral program. Make sure you are reaching out to them in the right earnest. Use a Referral Tool that allows employees to share openings to their friends and networks. Employees' friends can be a good source of relevant candidates if tapped properly. Also, Sending a simple mailer to employees may not be... Read More

You now have access to eApps BASIC – the most powerful applicant search. FREE of cost!

We are sure that the Naukri Hot Vacancy Job Posting form has been working well for you. However selecting the right applicant from the pool of Job Posting responses must have been a daunting task till now. Not anymore! Naukri now gives you access to the most powerful candidate search and a host of other features along with your Hot Vacancy subscription. You would be used to receiving responses on Email or managing them online on Basic Response Viewer (BRV). You now have access to the limited version of our powerful Response Manager eApps, as eApps BASIC, along with your Hot Vacancy Job... Read More

How Employee Referral Program helps your company build a brand for itself ?

Have you ever thought that who talks the most about your company ? Who speaks of it day-in, day-out in almost all her conversations? Look no far ! Its your Employee. It is a well known fact that employees beam of a lot impressions about their employer in the market. It is even more true in case of prospective candidates looking to apply in your company! Employee Referrals are a great source of building and bettering your brand amongst your future employees. Consider this, all your best job descriptions and beautiful placement presentations can never match the impression a happy... Read More

10 Tips for getting good responses to your Job Postings

  For best responses to your job posting, 1. Enter rich, relevant keywords so that jobseekers can find it easily 2. If required, use Keywords Recommendations to enter most appropriate keywords Learn How to use Keywords Recommendation 3. Ensure your job description is well explained 4. Enter correct salary for most appropriate applies; you can keep the salary hidden. 5. Please choose the Industry and Functional Area carefully for your job. In case of missing values, please choose the nearest values. Industry is the sector of the employer while Functional Area is the... Read More

Top 10 Tips to Get the best out of Naukri’s Referral Tool !

Hiring is going Social. Are you in? More and more companies are opting to hire socially through their employees. It enables them to reach out to a much larger audience while empowering the employees to recommend their friends. Naukri Referral Tool allows you to invite Referrals from employees through their social networks. Read about The Amazing new Naukri Referral Tool ! Just having a Referral program in place and using Referral management tool will not guarantee good quality conversions. It will still require that your Referral hiring process follows some basic... Read More

Why Employee Referrals are one of the best ways to hire !

  Employee Referrals are one of the best ways to recruit. Reasons are galore ! Read on find out more. Benefits of Hiring through an Employee Referral Program 1. Less Expensive Average Cost of hiring through Employee Referrals could range anywhere between 40 % - 60% cheaper than other channels of hiring 2. Quicker than other recruitment channels Closure time is the essence of recruitment in current era. There is a marked average reduction in time by 20% - 30% when hiring through Referrals 3. Quality Hires Although a tough parameter to measure, Quality hiring is an... Read More