Experience the power of Employee Referrals – Search through the attached Referral CVs

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In most companies, Employee Referrals either already contribute a dominant percentage of hiring or is emerging as a new, dependable source of hiring.
The current process however, is set up on a email based flow. This means that employees forward these CVs on email to recruiter or upload it on company site which is again sent to the recruiter on email.
Although the system ensures a lot of CVs, the recruiter handling employee referrals ends up manually going through each CV to find the relevant lot.

With Naukri Referral Tool we have tried to make this task easier and simpler for you.
You can now search on all your referred CVs in few single clicks.

1. Get Referred CVs in eApps, your Naukri Response Manager
Use Naukri Referral Tool to get all your referred CVs in your Naukri Response Manager. Employees can upload a CV themselves or share your openings on their networks to get automatic applies. Learn more on Naukri Referral Tool

2. Filter Referral CVs in a single click
Once you receive all your Cvs in eApps, you can filter Referral CVs from online job applications by using the “Apply Source” filter.
You can find this filter in your eApps on the left hand side. Selecting Referrals and clicking Refine will filter only referral CVs for you. See the image below to understand how it works.

Filter Referral CVs in a single click

Filter Referral CVs in a single click

3. Search on Referred CVs with option to download them
You can also search the contents of the attached CV using keyword search. Your search can be a simple one or a detailed one on multiple parameters along with the filter on custom questions.

Search on Referral CVs easily

Search on Referral CVs easily

So, you see even Referral CVs are now easy to shortlist. You can get in touch with us for a Free demo on Naukri Referral Tool.

Happy Referral Recruiting !

Ankur Agarwal
Naukri Product Team