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Resdex: Introduction to Resdex Blog

This is a platform where you can directly interact with the Resdex Team of What you can get - information about Resdex, features, search tips, new additions and much more. What you can do - share your views, give feedback, suggestions, ... So visit this place frequently to keep yourself updated and help in knowing each other better. Also let us know if you want us address any specific topic.

Job Posting: Rejection Criteria

The criterion based on which a company rejects a resume is one of the central aspects of screening and is called the REJECTION CRITERIA. Accordingly it is most imperative that the Job Posting aims to cover these aspects in the appropriate way possible. Some of the common forms of rejection criterion are: 1. Candidate should not be more than "35years old" or candidate should have a "minimum" of 15 years of experience. 2. Knowledge of the local language (Tamil) is a must. 3. Candidate should be open to travel and job relocation. In fact, I firmly believe Rejection criteria should... Read More

Job Posting: Tips (contd.)

The last one is Candidate's Profile. This is definitely the most important one since an accurate description will attract the most appropriate candidate. Candidate profiles must be clearly categorized between what I would call the Must have, preferable and desirable parameters. What do I mean by each of these categories. MUST HAVES This is the mandatory stuff. The parameters which the candidate has to compulsorily fulfill to be considered for the job. For e.g for the role of a Software programmer at Microsoft the candidate had to be an engineer with a major in either computer science... Read More

Job Posting: Tips (contd.)

Now Job Description is another difficult one. In recent times organizations have pretty much stopped creating job descriptions, making it even more difficult to come across a good one. A job description is a "Pen Portrait" which should help the potential candidate to "Visualize" the job - in a manner that is pleasing. At the same time job descriptions cannot be a play of words, providing no clarity. Job Descriptions should clearly explain the following: 1. The Key Result Areas - what is the individual expected to be delivering and will be assessed upon. Note: KRAs also tend to be... Read More

Job Posting: Tips

A job posting is the candidate's first glimpse of the organization that he or she wishes to apply to. A job posting which provides the relevant information which will help the candidate to arrive at an accurate picture of the organization and the position will make a world of a difference. There are some standard pieces of information that the job posting should include. These are: 1. Organizational Profile 2. Designation 3. Location 4. Reporting relationship 5. Reportees(if relevant) 6. Remuneration range 7. Job Description 8. Candidate Profile While Points 2-6 is pretty... Read More