Job Posting: Tips (contd.)

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The last one is Candidate’s Profile.
This is definitely the most important one since an accurate description will attract the most appropriate candidate.
Candidate profiles must be clearly categorized between what I would call the Must have, preferable and desirable parameters.
What do I mean by each of these categories.


This is the mandatory stuff. The parameters which the candidate has to compulsorily fulfill to be considered for the job. For e.g for the role of a Software programmer at Microsoft the candidate had to be an engineer with a major in either computer science or electrical or electronics.
Conversational knowledge of a particular language is sometimes a must have for some positions.


The preferable would include a couple more stringent parameters which if the candidate possesses would hold him in good stead and give him an edge over others.
For e.g in this case if the candidate is an engineer from one of the NIT or IITs he would have a better chance over others who have passed out from less known institutes.


The desirable would include a set of parameters which describe the perfect candidate. For example an Engineer who is a computer science major from an renowned institute and who has previously worked with renowned product companies like ADOBE SYSTEMS would have be considered as an ideal candidate.

It is important to itemize the candidate profile in an order which puts the Must Haves right at the top.

There is no point in writing a lengthy candidate profile and hide aspects which are mandatory – for e.g the maximum years of experience.

And this brings me to another aspect – REJECTION CRITERIA. Lets discuss that in the next post.