Job Posting: Tips

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A job posting is the candidate’s first glimpse of the organization that he or she wishes to apply to.

A job posting which provides the relevant information which will help the candidate to arrive at an accurate picture of the organization and the position will make a world of a difference.

There are some standard pieces of information that the job posting should include. These are:

1. Organizational Profile
2. Designation
3. Location
4. Reporting relationship
5. Reportees(if relevant)
6. Remuneration range
7. Job Description
8. Candidate Profile

While Points 2-6 is pretty straight forward it is in Points 1,7 & 8 that there is a lot of bungling. Lets discuss each of them in detail.

1. Organizational Profile – while a short summary is more than enough to describe what the company does – with maybe a link to the website if the client is willing to disclose the identity.

However what will create that “edge” and hence make that difference is sharing of the ‘unique selling proposition’ such as details of employee friendly policies or unique facilities – such as a child pick and drop facility. Depending on the kind of candidates that the organization.

Wishes to attract it is important to highlight facilities or policies which could be instrumental in the candidate applying.

I shall talk about the other areas in the next post.