Recruiter Blogs: Introduction

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Technically, a Blog is a User generated website where entries are made in journal style & displayed in reverse chronological order. In simple terms, a Blog is a platform for public expression of ideas, experiences, opinions, etc. The visitors to the Blog can read the Entries & can comment on them.

In this age where organisations compete amongst themselves for attracting the right talent, new age information and communication tools like Blogs hold a lot of promise for HR managers. Blogging can help you to market your organization at a low cost, while also reflecting its person¬ality. So while a prospective employee will surf the corporate website for company information, he will visit the blog to know more about the culture and connect emotionally with the organization.

A Blog can be thought of as a combination of the following:

1) A communication tool to the jobseekers which tells them about the various aspects of your company
2) A tool to promote working at your company
3) A personal website where you can comment about Culture, Technology, Policies, Press Releases, or just anything that is related to your company

Blogs today put “Human Face” on the companies. Think about it: When else would it as important to show the “Human Face” of a company as when you’re trying to convince someone to come and work for you?

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