e-Apps : Response Management Solution

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“Bring your entire recruitment process online”- We all realize that it’s easier said than done. However much one tries it is a huge task for a recruiter to organize his entire business online. There are just so many things involved – advertising, collecting responses (and responses flow in all forms and from all sources), scanning through them, shortlisting, rejecting, ensuring no mix ups happen, scheduling interviews, conducting them and then again short listing and rejecting. Phew and it goes on and on…The situation is worse when the recruitments are being managed at a larger scale and multiple positions need to be filled.

Ok! so we do understand the recruiters challenge. Now what have we done about it? E-applications or e-apps as we call it, is naukri’s answer to most or may be all of what has been listed above.

The recruiter starts with posting a job and then can go on with viewing responses, consolidating them, shortlisting, rejecting, contacting candidates, commenting on resumes for personal references etc. You could also streamline further by creating personalized folders, searching CV’s from all responses, keeping a tab on interviews scheduled, uploading CV’s from your desktop to your online e-apps database and many more such tasks.

Our effort is on to enhance this application further to make recruitment a much simpler and seamless task. Do pour in your thoughts to help us achieve this. Give us your feedback and let us know the challenges faced while hiring or even while using our product.

We will keep the e-apps users posted on latest features and developments on E-apps through this space.