You now have access to eApps BASIC – the most powerful applicant search. FREE of cost!

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We are sure that the Naukri Hot Vacancy Job Posting form has been working well for you. However selecting the right applicant from the pool of Job Posting responses must have been a daunting task till now. Not anymore!

Naukri now gives you access to the most powerful candidate search and a host of other features along with your Hot Vacancy subscription. You would be used to receiving responses on Email or managing them online on Basic Response Viewer (BRV). You now have access to the limited version of our powerful Response Manager eApps, as eApps BASIC, along with your Hot Vacancy Job Posting subscription.

And the best part – all this comes at no additional cost!

Given below are 5 ways in which you can use eApps BASIC most effectively for selecting your right candidate –

1. Search and shortlist your right applicant
eApps uses the power of Resdex search engine at backend. You can search for candidates by keywords, experience, CTC, Functional Area, Industry, college etc. The information displayed on application listing and CV view page is richer (as compared to on Email or BRV), and enough to help you narrow down on your right candidate faster. You can also contact the shortlisted candidates via system using saved Email templates in eApps.

2.  Add a questionnaire to your Job Posting and filter candidates basis their responses
You can now add a questionnaire to your job posting to collect additional information from applicants. Applicants while replying to the job, will have to provide the information asked for in the questionnaire. You can also filter applicants basis their answers to the questions.

3. Use clusters on application listing page to shortlist your right candidate faster
eApps provides you candidate clusters on CTC, Experience, Location, Functional Area, Industry and Education. You can use these filters for quick shortlisting.

4. Create Personal Folders to collaborate with your team members
You can create personal folders in eApps and use them as a repository to store the shortlisted or screened CVs. You can then share it with your team members to collaborate and close your hiring mandates faster.

5. Set automatic organizing rules for incoming applications
You can also set organizing rules for incoming applications. The rules would comprise of matching criterion (on CTC, Experience, location, keywords etc), basis which the incoming applications would be automatically sorted into various folders. You need to only look at the folders that you are interested in (i.e. Shortlisted) and ignore the rest.

There are other features in eApps which you can explore and use. Given below is a snippet of those features –
  i)   Create Personal Folders and move shortlisted CVs there.
  ii)  Upload CVs manually to a Job or a Personal folder.
  iii) Other Media Jobs – Create a link using which other people can upload CVs into eApps.
  iv) Export CVs from Resdex to eApps.
  v)  Download responses in bulk in XL, ZIP or HTML.
  vi) Search CVs across entire eApps.

In case you have a paid subscription of eApps, you get access to other features also. Given below is a tabular representation of differences in feature between eApps BASIC and eApps PAID.

Difference between eApps BASIC and eApps PAID

Difference between eApps BASIC and eApps PAID

We are sure that your Job Postings will become more efficient with the advent of our powerful response manager, i.e. eApps.

Happy Recruiting!

Abhijeet Anand
Naukri Product Team