Get Contacted without Displaying Contact Details

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One of the benefits of Naukri job postings is the response/messages from unregistered jobseekers. Recruiters can display their contact details on the Job Details page so that users not registered on can also contact them. From jobseekers perspective, they can clarify their doubts before applying to a job.

However, displaying the contact details publicly has a downside, as at times spammers target the publicly displayed email addresses. To reduce this risk, we are introducing a new feature on Job Posting and Job Details pages today. With Send Query a recruiter can get queries / applies from the candidate without displaying the contact details. This feature is independent of existing Show contact Details feature. Here is how it appears on Job Posting Page

As a recruiter, you can continue to display Contact details, if you desire. However, that’s not essential now for getting direct queries from jobseekers. All queries raised by the candidates will be sent to you as emails and in some cases you will also receive a snapshot of the candidate profile.

To further reduce the spam problem, Naukri will now display the email address as an image, instead of text (to stop automatic crawlers).

We hope that this will help increase your productivity.

Posted by Paresh Dhake, Product Manager,