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Posting jobs on Naukri has become even easier and faster. We have launched a new interface ‘Test an XML’ that will help you in parsing your XML files before you upload your jobs on Naukri using the XML feed method.

What is an XML Feed?

An XML (Extensible Markup Language) file can contain information about multiple job postings. When you send your XML file to Naukri, it is known as an XML feed. So, by using an XML feed you can post multiple jobs on Naukri without having to fill up the job posting forms for each of them.

Why use an XML Feed?

  • XML postings would be a seamless process.
  • Using XML, you can set up a system to post jobs automatically on our website
  • Suitable for clients who want to post jobs in bulk on the site or those using Job Boards

Who develops the XML Feed?

The XML Feed can be obtained through several Human Resource Management systems like Peoplesoft, Oracle, SAP etc. or can be developed separately. The feed needs to be compatible with the specifications to layout the tag structures as defined in the documents <Here>.

Naukri supports HR-XML convention which is detailed <Here>

What is the process after the XML file has been developed?
As your XML file containing jobs is ready, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Use the ‘Test an XML’ interface to test it for errors.
  2. This will result in either a Successful or an Unsuccessful status on the interface.
  3. For an unsuccessful XML file, the errors would be detailed in the interface. You would need to update the XML file for these errors and test it again.
  4. If the XML file is successfully parsed, and error-free, the interface would acknowledge it with a confirmation.
  5. Now you can transfer the XML file through an FTP or an HTTP to
  6. You would have to get in touch with us at for details related to FTP or HTTP transportation.

Note: You need to have an active Hot Vacancy subscription to use this feature. In case you wish to use the Company URL to manage responses, you need an active subscription for that as well

Where would be the Job Posting Reports?

All the XML feeds that have been successfully executed on our website would be listed on the Report & MIS interface under the following tab:
Reports & MIS -> Job Postings -> XML Usage

For any queries on the XML job Postings, please contact us at