Upgrade to Office 2007 or Download Converter to view resumes uploaded in Doc-x format

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Going forward jobseekers registering with Naukri.com will be able to upload their resumes in doc-x format. Currently only doc (MS Word 2003) and the rich text formats were allowed.

This will help jobseekers using MS Office 2007 register faster with us. Also more jobseekers will be able to upload their word CV’s with us, and that will only help you shortlist the best candidate sooner.

Incase you are still using a version of MS Office lower than 2007, we advise you to download a converter immediately. The converter allows you to read Word 2007 CV’s in the correct format. The converter is available for free with the Microsoft download center. Here is a link to the same – http://bit.ly/1Sn5mJ