5 tools you didn’t know about, which will help you find the most relevant candidate

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We know that recruiters spend a lot of time to painstakingly manage the job applications. Most of them only go so far as to set a mailbox rule to directly send responses coming in for a particular job into separate folders. Here are 5 tips/techniques that, we believe, should help you select your right candidate easier and faster.

1.Use EZ filters in Online Response Manager

EZ Filters in Online Response Manager allows you to zero-in on applications that match the exact requirement posted by you in just a couple of clicks, without even going through all the applications. It allows you to filter applications that match the job requirements on Experience, Location, Industry and Education. Any number of the above filters can be applied at will at the same time. For example, checking on Experience Matches and Industry Matches will now only show the applicants who have the experience and industry background as specified by you.

2.Match Tags

This feature will help you organize, search, and prioritize which application email to open before others. Resume Match-Tags are pre-defined tags that can be added to the subject line to display which parameter the candidate is matching on. Tags would display matches on Experience (Ex), Candidate’s Current Location (Lc), Preferred Location (Lp) and Industry (In).

3.Configure Subject Line of Email Applications

When receiving applications on email, the subject line of email can be very helpful in quick shortlisting of candidates. Naukri lets you configure the content of the subject line in a way that helps you in shortlisting even without opening the email. For instance, if you are posting jobs for niche industries you may want candidate’s current industry to be displayed upfront so that the decision making process is faster. You can customize the subject line and see any 4, out of ‘Experience’, ‘Location’, ‘Industry’, ‘Designation’, ‘Company’ and ‘CTC’ of the candidate in the subject line of apply emails.

4.Daily Summary of Applications

If you use this option while posting your job, you will only get one mail per day, summarizing the applications in response to your job posting. This means – No more clogging of e-Mail Inbox with hundreds of emails! The individual job applications can be viewed online in the ‘Response Manager’ account where it is extremely convenient for you to review and shortlist applicants.

5.Application and Location Filter

While posting your job, you can choose to receive only those applications in your email that match jobs’ requirement. The unmatched applications would still be present in your online Response Manager. Additionally you can also choose to receive applications from specific locations only. Naukri allows you to choose up to 9 locations from which you can receive applications to your job posting.

We are constantly creating solutions that help you achieve greater ease and efficiency and significantly increase your productivity as a recruiter. To help us identify improvement areas, please continue to share your feedback and comments with us.