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Custom Questions with Job Posting

Naukri's eApps (Online Response manager) provides a unique way for recruiters to ask jobseekers if they match the basic job requirements. This is a novel way of giving controlling power to you, i.e, the Recruiter. How this works? Recruiters can add questions to their job postings and make them mandatory for apply. A jobseeker applying to your job must respond to these questions for her apply to be complete. These questions interrupt jobseekers during apply, asking them to respond to your critical requirements. Demo 1: How to add custom questions (questionnaire) to your job postings Demo... Read More

Walk-through : Questionnaire in Job Posting

Recruiters can ask questions to check if applicants (to their job) match their requirements. These questions can be attached while posting the Job. See below the detailed process for attaching a questionnaire to your Naukri Job.   Happy hiring, Naukri Team

You now have access to eApps BASIC – the most powerful applicant search. FREE of cost!

We are sure that the Naukri Hot Vacancy Job Posting form has been working well for you. However selecting the right applicant from the pool of Job Posting responses must have been a daunting task till now. Not anymore! Naukri now gives you access to the most powerful candidate search and a host of other features along with your Hot Vacancy subscription. You would be used to receiving responses on Email or managing them online on Basic Response Viewer (BRV). You now have access to the limited version of our powerful Response Manager eApps, as eApps BASIC, along with your Hot Vacancy Job... Read More

The New Amazing Naukri Job Posting Referrals

Employee Referrals: Engage better, Hire Faster Employee referral is fast becoming a cost-effective way of finding the right talent through your employees’ network. Our Research says that every 2 out of 3 companies in India are engaging and hiring through Employee Referral programs. Read more on Why Employee Referrals are one of the best ways to hire ! Whats new however, is the approach to reach out to Employee's Social and personal networks in an easier, more effective manner. We introduce to you Naukri Referral Tool - Easy, Fast and Powerful ! Consider reaching out to 100 of... Read More

FAQ – Personalized Application Filters

1. What are 'Personalized Application Filters' in Job Posting ? At times, shortlisting the right candidates becomes tedious for Recruiters because: Some of the Responses may not match the requirement(s) for the posted job. Too many Responses may lead to recruiter missing out on relevant candidates. Recruiters can now apply 'Personalized Application Filters' to their Job Posting(s). Only those Responses that match these filters will be sent on Recruiter's email id(s) and marked as 'Matched applications' in Online Response Manager. 2. How will Application Filters... Read More

New Manage Jobs Interface!

We have introduced a new Manage Jobs Interface which will provide the convenience of managing job postings (edit, refresh, delete, broadcast) and viewing responses on one single page. Detailed list of changes/improvements in the new interface Manage Jobs and View Responses functionalities for all jobs (including eApps) will be clubbed together and shown on one single page. The name of the tab in the Global Navigation Bar will change to Jobs & Responses and all the  links currently appearing under ‘Jobs’ and ‘Responses’ tab will now appear clubbed under this... Read More

Upgrade to Office 2007 or Download Converter to view resumes uploaded in Doc-x format

Going forward jobseekers registering with will be able to upload their resumes in doc-x format. Currently only doc (MS Word 2003) and the rich text formats were allowed. This will help jobseekers using MS Office 2007 register faster with us. Also more jobseekers will be able to upload their word CV’s with us, and that will only help you shortlist the best candidate sooner. Incase you are still using a version of MS Office lower than 2007, we advise you to download a converter immediately. The converter allows you to read Word 2007 CV’s in the correct format. The... Read More

e-Apps – Online Response Management Software

While some recruiters prefer to receive applications on email, some find it cumbersome and wish for a solution that could help them organize their daily chores. The e-Apps software, can come handy to recruiters handling multiple job openings or companies handling recruitments at different locations. What all can one achieve using e-Apps:- Post a job with e-Apps and route all applications to your online account. View multiple applicant summary on one page with most important details upfront. The summary page shows Name, key skills, experience, education details, employment... Read More

The Response Manager – Manage Applications Online

The Response Manager is an online interface where one can view all responses received for jobs posted. This is available to all clients posting jobs on for free. There are various advantages of using the interface: Responses can be sorted on freshness(freshest applications on top) or relevance (most relevant responses on top) Summary of multiple applications can be viewed on the same page. Responses can be further categorized into sub-folders called ‘shortlist', ‘on-hold' or ‘Reject' by the recruiter himself. When compared to e-mails this would take much lesser... Read More

Shortlisting Applications was never this Easy!

Short listing relevant applications from a large pool of responses received for a job advertisement is one of the most time consuming task for recruiters. But not anymore. Introducing the EZ Filters in Response Manager which will allow you to zero-in on applications that match the exact requirement posted by you in just one click, without even going through all the applications. You can filter applications on: Experience Matches Industry Matches Education matches Location Matches Any number of the above filters can be applied at will at the same time. For example,... Read More