The Response Manager – Manage Applications Online

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The Response Manager is an online interface where one can view all responses received for jobs posted. This is available to all clients posting jobs on for free. There are various advantages of using the interface:

  • Responses can be sorted on freshness(freshest applications on top) or relevance (most relevant responses on top)
  • Summary of multiple applications can be viewed on the same page.
  • Responses can be further categorized into sub-folders called ‘shortlist’, ‘on-hold’ or ‘Reject’ by the recruiter himself.

When compared to e-mails this would take much lesser time to screen and work upon. A large number of our clients using this online Response Management tool, have got hooked onto it now despite all applications coming into the Inbox as well. The best part – this solution is absolutely Free.

A new feature has been recently added to make shortlisting much easier. EZ Filters in Response Manager allows you to zero-in on applications that match the exact requirement posted by you in just a couple of clicks, without even going through all the applications.

You can filter applications on:

  1. Experience Matches
  2. Industry Matches
  3. Education matches
  4. Location Matches

Any number of the above filters can be applied at will at the same time. For example, checking on Experience Matches and Industry Matches will now only show the applicants who have the experience and industry background as specified by you.

With the new EZ Filters in your Response Manager, shortlisting will now become extremely easy and quick.

We are constantly creating solutions that help you achieve greater ease and efficiency. To help us identify improvement areas, please continue to share your feedback and comments with us.

Naukri Team