e-Apps – Online Response Management Software

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While some recruiters prefer to receive applications on email, some find it cumbersome and wish for a solution that could help them organize their daily chores.

The e-Apps software, can come handy to recruiters handling multiple job openings or companies handling recruitments at different locations.

What all can one achieve using e-Apps:-

  1. Post a job with e-Apps and route all applications to your online account.
  2. View multiple applicant summary on one page with most important details upfront. The summary page shows Name, key skills, experience, education details, employment details and contact details of the applicant are available on the response view page itself. This means, one does not have to open each CV to shortlist relevant ones.
  3. Folders allow you to save applications for future reference. Not just that, you could also add comments to each application. Users can also share folders amongst them if they so wish.
  4. Up to 200 candidates can be sent an email at once. Quick contact allows recruiters to pre-select a template and send emails to selected candidates in just one click. Email templates can be created and saved for future use as well.
  5. Jobs Posted with e-Apps can also have additional questions attached to it using the ‘Questionnaire’ feature. If the recruiter feels it is important to receive applications with certain additional information, certain mandatory questions can be asked which the applicant replies to while applying to this job.
  6. Recruiters can apply filters or set rules to receive only relevant applications.
  7. Since the online database grows over a period of time, search has also been provided to locate relevant applications for current positions.
  8. The account is managed by a Super user, who could assign jobs to the Sub-users (recruiters). 2 sub-users can easily work on the same jobs and applications while being aware of each other’s activities. Super user always has an access to the folders, jobs and email templates of the company account. Reports can also be generated to keep a tab of activities carried out from this account.

You may check with the account manager taking care of your Naukri account for more details or a demo on e-Apps.

Our effort is on to enhance this application further to make recruitment seem evidently seemless. Do pour in your thoughts to help us achieve this. Give us your feedback and let us know the challenges faced while hiring or even while using our product.

Naukri.com Team