Custom Questions with Job Posting

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Naukri’s eApps (Online Response manager) provides a unique way for recruiters to ask jobseekers if they match the basic job requirements.

This is a novel way of giving controlling power to you, i.e, the Recruiter.

How this works?

Recruiters can add questions to their job postings and make them mandatory for apply. A jobseeker applying to your job must respond to these questions for her apply to be complete.

These questions interrupt jobseekers during apply, asking them to respond to your critical requirements.

Demo 1: How to add custom questions (questionnaire) to your job postings

Demo 2: How to filter relevant candidates based on custom question (questionnaire) responses

What can be these custom questions?

Specific recruiter requirements which can be used for shortlisting, example,

oNotice period

oExperience in a specific skill

oRelocation preference

oOpt-in to work in night-shifts etc.

It thus, can include any question which a recruiter needs for initial screening.

How can a recruiter use the responses to these questions?

Recruiter can

·Filter applicants to the job based on their responses to the questionnaire

·Create filters based on response options to the questionnaire and set actions for this filter – Applications that match these filter conditions can be automatically forwarded to email Ids or moved to specific folders in eApps

Case Study:

Recruiter A has requirement for a software developer with the following basic requirements:

1.At least 3 years of experience in .NET

2.Job location is Chennai

3.The candidate should have a notice period of 2 month at max.

In order to filter out candidates who match these criteria, recruiters can ask the following questions to applicants to the job:

1.How many years of experience in .NET do you have?

o1 year

o2 years

o3 years

o4 years

2.Are you willing to relocate to Chennai?



3.What is your current notice period?

oLess than 1 month

o1 month

o2 months

o3 months