Shortlisting Applications was never this Easy!

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Short listing relevant applications from a large pool of responses received for a job advertisement is one of the most time consuming task for recruiters.

But not anymore.

Introducing the EZ Filters in Response Manager which will allow you to zero-in on applications that match the exact requirement posted by you in just one click, without even going through all the applications.

You can filter applications on:

  1. Experience Matches
  2. Industry Matches
  3. Education matches
  4. Location Matches

Any number of the above filters can be applied at will at the same time. For example, checking on Experience Matches and Industry Matches will now only show the applicants who have the experience and industry background as specified by you.

To access EZ Filters you will have to log-in to your personal ‘Response Manager’ account and go to the ‘inbox’ of the applications to your job.

(Note: The Response Manager allows you to view important details of the applications on the same page, giving you the flexibility to compare and judge applications at once and then move relevant applications to the ‘Shortlisted’ folder to keep them in one place for future reference and action.)

To help us identify even more improvement areas, please continue to share your feedback and comments with us.

The team