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NaukriRecruiter – Give an identity to your search for talent

NaukriRecruiter 3.0 - Give an identity to your search for talent from vridhi chowdhry If you are a HR professional, placement/search consultant, a hiring manager or an entrepreneur who is responsible for hiring for his team – NaukriRecruiter is for you. It will make your search for talent more personalized and more effective. With NaukriRecruiter, you can showcase your expertise in recruitment domain and the mandates you are currently hiring. To join NaukriRecruiter, register with your personal Email-ID at NaukriRecruiter Registration Page. Verifying your email is mandatory for... Read More

The New Amazing Naukri Job Posting Referrals

referral_nw_2 Employee Referrals: Engage better, Hire Faster Employee referral is fast becoming a cost-effective way of finding the right talent through your employees’ network. Our Research says that every 2 out of 3 companies in India are engaging and hiring through Employee Referral programs. Read more on Why Employee Referrals are one of the best ways to hire ! Whats new however, is the approach to reach out to Employee's Social and personal networks in an easier, more effective manner. We introduce to you Naukri Referral Tool - Easy, Fast and Powerful ! Consider reaching out to 100... Read More

Automatic Shortlisting – makes recruitment even easier!!

Combining the power of Resdex and Job Posting for recruitment As a recruiter, you can Send a Job as Email ( to over 2000 jobseekers in one go (and more in the sets of up to 2000). After posting a job on Naukri, you can search the most relevant candidates in Resdex and send them the job. Send a Job as Email thus combines the power of Job Posting and Resdex, and helps in closing the positions at the earliest. Searching and shortlisting of relevant candidates from Resdex may require significant amount of time and effort. Now, Naukri can also help in... Read More

Spot the right candidate with ease- Resdex Search Results Page gets a new look!

We are now introducing a more powerful 'Refine Results' section on the Resume Search Results Page making the feature more exhaustive, useful and actionable. 1. You can now easily refine your search results based on Salary, Industry, Functional Area, Role, UG Qualification, PG Qualification and Current Location. 2. You can make multiple selections when refining. This reduces the number of clicks, and your time required, to find the most relevant resume. 3. We have also taken this opportunity to change the structure of the page based on feedback from users. We have shifted the Refine Results... Read More

The New Contact Candidate Page to improve your productivity!

In order to help you (recruiters and employers) get better, sharper response from candidates they contact, we have now designed the Contact Candidate Form such that you can send more targeted and more informative mails to candidates. First, there is the Job Details section, where we ask you to input some highlights of the job you are emailing about. This information will be presented to jobseekers at the top of the email, and in bold – which means the candidate can now get a quick snapshot idea of what the job is about, and hence can take faster, better judgment to... Read More

Target your jobseekers better and get more relevant responses…

We have designed a new Contact Candidates page for you, where you email candidates from. This change is being done to help you target jobseekers better, send more informative emails and get more number of relevant responses. Refer below the snapshot of what the current Resdex Contact Candidates page looks like. [caption id="attachment_1471" align="alignnone" width="660" caption="Current Contact Candidate Page"][/caption] Current Resdex Contact Page We are going to improve this page soon so that you will be able to present your email to job-seekers in a richer , better... Read More

Now finding the best candidates just got easier!

To provide greater value for your money and help you find the best candidates faster, we have now introduced candidate clusters on search result page. You can now search your mandate and then drill down quicker among 4 different groups of candidates - All Resumes, Premium Resumes, Confidential Resumes and Featured Resumes - who match your requirement. It will help you quickly identify, and zero-in, on high quality candidates who may be ready for new job opportunities. Next time you log into Resdex you would see these four tabs on search result page. [caption id="attachment_1221"... Read More

Now Search on Candidates’ Preferred Location also!

We are in a constant feedback loop with our users and try to make our products better every single day. Basis feedback from a lot of users, we are happy to introduce an improved search on Preferred Location in Resdex. Now you will be able to select Candidate’s Current and Preferred Locations in two separate dropdowns and specify an ‘And/Or’ criteria between them. Please refer to the screenshot below: Click image to enlarge When you use ‘OR’ If you wish to see resumes of candidates who are currently in the location you specify in the Candidate's Current Location... Read More

Upgrade to Office 2007 or Download Converter to view resumes uploaded in Doc-x format

Going forward jobseekers registering with will be able to upload their resumes in doc-x format. Currently only doc (MS Word 2003) and the rich text formats were allowed. This will help jobseekers using MS Office 2007 register faster with us. Also more jobseekers will be able to upload their word CV’s with us, and that will only help you shortlist the best candidate sooner. Incase you are still using a version of MS Office lower than 2007, we advise you to download a converter immediately. The converter allows you to read Word 2007 CV’s in the correct format. The... Read More

How to drive more responses using Insta Recruit?

How to use Insta Recruit effectively Insta Recruit is designed to save you time in your recruitment process. Here are some basic tips to draw more responses from Jobseekers using Insta-Recruit. The text of the SMS should contain the essential pieces about a Job (Job profile, skills required, experience, and location). Clarity of the context should not be compromised even while using the SMS lingo (only remove the vowels where common abbreviations are not found). Minimize using special characters in the text of the SMS, some special characters cannot be displayed on low range... Read More