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How to drive more responses using Insta Recruit?

How to use Insta Recruit effectively Insta Recruit is designed to save you time in your recruitment process. Here are some basic tips to draw more responses from Jobseekers using Insta-Recruit. The text of the SMS should contain the essential pieces about a Job (Job profile, skills required, experience, and location). Clarity of the context should not be compromised even while using the SMS lingo (only remove the vowels where common abbreviations are not found). Minimize using special characters in the text of the SMS, some special characters cannot be displayed on low range... Read More

CVNotes: Now you can see work related micro-updates from jobseekers

Most people have this inertia that prevents them from regularly updating recent achievements in their resume. It is not practical to frequently update their profiles and upload the latest word resume on Naukri every few weeks. Thus, you could lose out on the very recent and important information about a jobseeker when you are taking decisions to shortlist their CV. Now, with Naukri CVNotes - micro-updates on a jobseekers profile - recruiters can expect to see the very recent professional highlights posted by jobseekers. With CVNotes, the Naukri resume will be a ‘live' document that... Read More

Experience the new search for IT Profiles – IT Search from

For recruiters looking for people with a specific set of IT Skills, we are launching new kind of search - the IT Search. IT search is a standalone, specialized search in Resdex for recruitment specific to IT Profiles. Now you can search for IT professionals with a specific skill set and a specific number of years of experience in each of those skills. You can also add other search criteria in the search form.  To start with the IT Search, use the form displayed below: You can select upto 5 Skills in the IT Skills Section and select the minimum Experience for each skill Select... Read More

Resdex Search: Feedback Survey!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who were observant to catch 'Feedback' on the Resdex Search results page and diligent enough to tell us about it. We really appreciate your feedback and would be working towards incorporating it. For those of you who are yet to share your opinion, we would be having a 'Feedback' link on most of the new features that we make live on the site. You can keep sharing your feedback on these features as it helps us to improvise and serve you better. Happy Recruiting!

Increase responses from jobseekers: Use Naukri ExpressCV

When you e-mail job opportunities to candidates you would like to see prompt responses from interested jobseekers. However, many a time, jobseekers are unable to send you a response - because either they don't have their CV at that moment with them, or don't have internet access, or are unable to reply from their workplace computers. Because of all these reasons, you might end up getting less number of responses from interested candidates. We decided to solve this problem. We have now made it possible for jobseekers to email their CV to you via one simple SMS. At anytime. From anywhere.... Read More

EZ Keywords: Simplifying your complex Boolean queries!

Boolean operators, i.e, 'AND', 'OR', 'NOT' are used in creating search queries to deliver stunningly accurate and precise results. Sometimes very complex Boolean queries are required, but only the expert users are able to create them in the single keyword box in the 'Advanced Search'. We decided to make creating those complex Boolean queries simple. For everyone , expert or not. The Advanced Search is now enhanced with a set of three keyword boxes together called 'EZ Keywords'. 'EZ Keywords' splits the keywords in our Advanced Search form into three textboxes- Any; All; Exclude. Now... Read More

Naukri now Highlights Verified Mobile Numbers!

Once you find a relevant resume the next most important task is to contact the candidate. A new feature in Resdex - ‘Verified Mobile Highlighting' - will now reduce your effort and uncertainty to get through to the Candidates. A ‘verified' mobile phone number means that the candidate has confirmed, by sending an SMS from his phone to us, that the number is a working number and that it belongs to the candidate himself/herself. This means that when you call a ‘verified' number, you can be reasonably assured that it will not be an incorrect number or a wrong number belonging... Read More

Impt.: Security Measures by has introduced a suite of measures to make your usage of Naukri's Recruitment Solutions safer, and more secure. In the First phase, for a secured login, we have moved the login pages of the recruitment section from HTTP protocol to HTTPS protocol. Now, in the Second phase, we will be making some changes in the modules related to your PASSWORDS. These changes are being done as per security standards and will dissuade any security breach. For instance, we will now be storing your passwords in encrypted formats and, thus, decrypting them as text will not be possible at all.... Read More

Find more Freshers: A better way to search

While analysing the resume searches being conducted in Resdex, we observed that some of the searches were being done on keywords like "fresher", "MBA fresher" etc. It was fairly obvious that the intent was to search for people with no work experience. But since these were searched as keywords, result for these searches would yield only such resumes that contain these keywords - and these necessarily will not be candidates with zero years of work experience. So, this search might miss out on a fairly large number of relevant candidates whose resumes did not contain the specified... Read More

Search Faster !

We decide the default settings of the search forms, by analyzing the usage patterns of our users, e.g. since most of our users prefer searching the keyword in the "entire resume", the default option selected is the same. This is done to reduce the time spent for filling the search form, thus increasing the user productivity. However, there are some users who don't search using the default options. Like the default search is for the candidates active in last 1 year but some users search for 3 months old profiles only, thus they end up changing the option to 3 months every time they conduct... Read More