Find more Freshers: A better way to search

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While analysing the resume searches being conducted in Resdex, we observed that some of the searches were being done on keywords like “fresher”, “MBA fresher” etc.

It was fairly obvious that the intent was to search for people with no work experience. But since these were searched as keywords, result for these searches would yield only such resumes that contain these keywords – and these necessarily will not be candidates with zero years of work experience. So, this search might miss out on a fairly large number of relevant candidates whose resumes did not contain the specified keywords.
Consider the following, as revealed by some searches we did for the candidates’ active in the last 1 month:

– A search on experience range chosen as “0” to “0”yrs (which means people without any work experience) and no keywords gave twice the number of resumes than the search for “fresher” as keyword.

– Moreover, if you relax the experience range to “0” to “1”yrs the results will go further up by 300%.

– Similarly, search on experience range “0″ to “0”yrs and “MBA/PGDM” from the PG qualification (drop down) found twice as many resumes as the resumes from search for “MBA Fresher” (all the words) as keyword.

– You can also try this; instead of work experience, if you specify the passing-out year of “MBA/PGDM” as “2009”, you will get all the candidates who will be completing their MBA in 2009, including the ones with prior work experience.

Thus we recommend using fixed parameters, and not keywords, for conducting such searches, because not only it gives you more results but also more relevant resumes.