CVNotes: Now you can see work related micro-updates from jobseekers

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Most people have this inertia that prevents them from regularly updating recent achievements in their resume. It is not practical to frequently update their profiles and upload the latest word resume on Naukri every few weeks. Thus, you could lose out on the very recent and important information about a jobseeker when you are taking decisions to shortlist their CV.

Now, with Naukri CVNotes – micro-updates on a jobseekers profile – recruiters can expect to see the very recent professional highlights posted by jobseekers.

With CVNotes, the Naukri resume will be a ‘live’ document that keeps pace with the jobseekers’ professional progress. Now, there would never be a time lag between the moments they accomplish something at work and when it gets recorded in their Naukri profile.

So you can refer to CVNotes to get information about the jobseeker that may not be on the jobseekers main resume or profile.

CVNotes are a part of the jobseekers detailed resume and can be viewed on the Resume view page as shown below:

CVNotes is still in beta stage. We are not finished building it yet. We would love to hear your feedback on it, and any suggestions to help us make it even better for you.


The Team