EZ Keywords: Simplifying your complex Boolean queries!

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Boolean operators, i.e, ‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘NOT’ are used in creating search queries to deliver stunningly accurate and precise results. Sometimes very complex Boolean queries are required, but only the expert users are able to create them in the single keyword box in the ‘Advanced Search’.

We decided to make creating those complex Boolean queries simple. For everyone , expert or not.

The Advanced Search is now enhanced with a set of three keyword boxes together called ‘EZ Keywords’. ‘EZ Keywords’ splits the keywords in our Advanced Search form into three textboxes- Any; All; Exclude. Now anyone can enter the skills required, or those not required, in the relevant textboxes to quickly and easily create complex search queries.

Any– will search for resumes containing at least one of the keywords mentioned in this box

All– will search for resumes containing all the keywords mentioned in this box

Exclude– exclude resumes containing any of the keywords mentioned in this box

For Example:

Any:          “Marketing Manager”, “Brand Manager”, “Product Manager”

All:            “Promotion”, “Pricing”, “Product Mix”,

Exclude:    “FMCG”, “Consumer Durable”

The above search query will look for resumes with the keywords (“Marketing Manager” OR “Brand Manager” OR “Product Manager”) AND (“Promotion” AND “Pricing” AND “Product Mix”) AND NOT (“FMCG” OR “Consumer Durable”)

Rest of the Advanced Search functionality is as is.

Following is the Sample Snapshot of the new Search Form for a quick reference:

There still exists the usual, regular keyword search box that you are familiar with. We have now renamed it to Boolean Search. Boolean search is also a part of the Advanced Search form and can be toggled to using the link/radio button.

EZ Keywords is being provided as the default Advanced Search but you can change the default search form to the former single keyword box, Boolean Search, using the Resdex Settings.

Please keep sharing your feedback on our products.

Happy Searching!