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Download Resume: What’s New?

We were apprised that since we have moved to a single download button, some of our users were facing difficulty in identifying whether the original resume of the candidate is available with us or not. Thus to make things easier, we have made slight modifications in the download resume functionality in Resdex (resume database). Here is how the new functionality works a) We still have one download button but there will be two different icons on it b) "Word" icon depicts that candidate's original resume is available and same will get downloaded. c) "Naukri" icon depicts that... Read More

Change Log: What’s no more !

While evaluating the new features to be introduced in this version, we were stuck on a debate that whether we should just keep on adding more features or rationalize some old ones with the new ones. Someone has said that "features are a one way street", whether the feature is good or bad, once you launch it you've married it. So it was a tough call for all of us here. But since our objective was to make our products much more efficient and easy to use, after carefully analyzing the usage of our existing feature and speaking to clients across various locations, we decided to replace some of... Read More

Resdex: Keep Track of your Database Usage

By looking at the Resdex Usage Reports you can easily keep track of database usage in your company or team on parameters like; number of emails sent, resumes viewed, total searches done, resumes forwarded etc. You can choose from the predefined "One Click Reports" or specify your criteria using the "Customized Report". The customized reports are available in different formats (summary, quarterly, monthly, and daily) and can also be downloaded in as MS Excel file for further analysis. Using this feature , a super-user(administrator) will be able to look all the activities, done by all... Read More

Resdex: Similar Resumes

Many a times there are relevant resumes on our database that are similar to the profile you are looking for, but may not match all the criteria you have mentioned in the search form. There can be a minor mismatch in terms of location, years of experience, educational qualification etc. But as a result, you miss out on good resumes because they may not reflect in your search results at all. Our recommendation engine of "Show Similar Resumes" will help you in reaching these resumes. If you have still not used this feature, do try it out and tell us how your feedback about it. The link for... Read More

Resdex: IT Skills Search Feedback

I would like to understand the improvements that can be done in RESDEX for "IT skills" based search. One of the popular feedbacks has been that one should be able to search for specific "years of experience" in a "skill". For example, "3 years of experience" in "Java" Projects. 1) I would like to understand how you go about doing this currently? What type of search do you conduct and subsequently how do you short list from the results? 2) Do you find "similar Resumes" feature useful for such searches? 3) How important is this feature to you? You can reply by posting comments for this... Read More

Resdex: Introduction to Resdex Blog

This is a platform where you can directly interact with the Resdex Team of What you can get - information about Resdex, features, search tips, new additions and much more. What you can do - share your views, give feedback, suggestions, ... So visit this place frequently to keep yourself updated and help in knowing each other better. Also let us know if you want us address any specific topic.