Resdex: Keep Track of your Database Usage

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By looking at the Resdex Usage Reports you can easily keep track of database usage in your company or team on parameters like; number of emails sent, resumes viewed, total searches done, resumes forwarded etc.

You can choose from the predefined “One Click Reports” or specify your criteria using the “Customized Report”. The customized reports are available in different formats (summary, quarterly, monthly, and daily) and can also be downloaded in as MS Excel file for further analysis.

Using this feature , a super-user(administrator) will be able to look all the activities, done by all their sub users and the sub-users will be able to keep a track of their own activities.

If you are a super-user, you can also set an auto email alert for Resdex usage summary of all their users. In email alert you will get the Report in MS Excel format (as an attachment) on your master email-id registered with us. You can also select from Weekly or Monthly Alerts as per your preference.