Change Log: What’s no more !

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While evaluating the new features to be introduced in this version, we were stuck on a debate that whether we should just keep on adding more features or rationalize some old ones with the new ones. Someone has said that “features are a one way street”, whether the feature is good or bad, once you launch it you’ve married it. So it was a tough call for all of us here.

But since our objective was to make our products much more efficient and easy to use, after carefully analyzing the usage of our existing feature and speaking to clients across various locations, we decided to replace some of our old features/functionality with the new ones.

Here is the list of such components / features that would not be available with our applications from now on:


a) Search forms (Basic Search & Full CV Search)
Since both these forms were the subset of the Advanced Search, we have replaced them by “My Search”. This new search form gives you the power to create own search form with search fields of your choice. The old saved searches of Basic & Full CV Search forms will be available in Advanced Search.

b) Search fields (Permanent / Temporary, Full time/Part time)
Looking at the new trends in hiring, we have replaced these fields with search on candidate’s age and his work authorization status.

c) Sort by (CTC / Work Experience)
These options have been replaced by sort on Resume Activity. This new sort option will enable you to sort resumes basis their last active date, thus showing most active candidate on top. However, you will still be able to filter your results by annual salary or work experience, through “refine your results” or “search within results” sections on the search result page.

d) Save Search option from search forms
The option of saving a search is now available only from the Search Results page. This change has been incorporated because we want you to save a search only after looking at the results it has generated. Thus you don’t end up saving irrelevant searches.


a) Resume Format type (in Manage responses section)
In the older version, you were supposed to specify the resume format that you wish to receive as response to the job listings. But since almost all of you preferred candidate’s original resume in the responses, we have automated this process. Thus, now the responses will automatically be received in candidate’s original resume and only if the candidate has not uploaded his resume, we will send the resume in our new word format using the data available with Naukri.

b) PhD/ Doctorate Qualification
To simplify the job posting process, the option of specifying the PhD/ Doctorate qualification has been removed from the form. However, if you still want to specify PhD/ Doctorate as qualification, you can do so in the candidate profile section.

c) Fax No.
This field has been removed since the jobseekers prefer communicating online to sending responses through fax. But if you still want to specify the fax number, you can either specify the same in company profile or address. Moreover, this does not hamper the apply process in any way.

I hope you are finding the upgraded version of our products much more effective and user-friendly. And would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused (if any) due to the missing features.

Do share your feedback with us and leave comments

Happy Recruiting.