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We decide the default settings of the search forms, by analyzing the usage patterns of our users, e.g. since most of our users prefer searching the keyword in the “entire resume”, the default option selected is the same. This is done to reduce the time spent for filling the search form, thus increasing the user productivity.

However, there are some users who don’t search using the default options. Like the default search is for the candidates active in last 1 year but some users search for 3 months old profiles only, thus they end up changing the option to 3 months every time they conduct a search.

So, to make the search process faster and easier for all our users, we have introduced “search settings” under Resdex. By using search settings, you can set your own default settings for the search forms, so that you don’t have to change it every time you conduct a search.

There are various options available that you can customize.

This feature is a part of our endeavor to increasing the productivity and empowering the user.

Happy Recruiting !