Increase responses from jobseekers: Use Naukri ExpressCV

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When you e-mail job opportunities to candidates you would like to see prompt responses from interested jobseekers. However, many a time, jobseekers are unable to send you a response – because either they don’t have their CV at that moment with them, or don’t have internet access, or are unable to reply from their workplace computers. Because of all these reasons, you might end up getting less number of responses from interested candidates.

We decided to solve this problem. We have now made it possible for jobseekers to email their CV to you via one simple SMS. At anytime. From anywhere. Instantly.

Next time you contact any jobseeker for a job opportunity, ask them to send an SMS FWD <your e-mail ID> to 56070. will instantly deliver their CV to your inbox. For instance, if your e-mail ID is, ask the jobseekers to simply SMS FWD to 56070.

Now jobseekers do not need access to a computer, Internet or even e-mail to send their CV to you! All they need is a mobile phone.

This should increase the number of relevant responses to the vacancies advertised by you and help you recruit faster from options galore.

60 thoughts on “Increase responses from jobseekers: Use Naukri ExpressCV

    1. thanks for valuable information

      need to know how much it would cost to candidates
      and how many message they have to send ?

      cause i checked from my personal cell
      it asked me to send more than two sms
      kindly clarify

      no hard feeling just query


  1. Dear Naukri Team Members
    Litrelly it is a very good idea and really useful to all the recruiters as well as the job seekers. Thanks to all the team members

    I wish you all the best for brightful future.

    Best Wishes

    Lakshmi T.S.
    Sr HR Executive.
    Thakkarsons Group Of Companies.

    1. Thnaks for your coninous support. I am really happy with this service. It’s really usful for recruiters as well job seekers.

  2. I am very glad to welcome this kinds of services and also it well be very useful to the job seekers.

    I wish you all the best to continue to make brightfull future.

    with best regards.

  3. It is great pleasure to know that Naukri provide such good facility for Job seekers & It is really very useful to all recruiter.

    Thanks be a Recruitment Partner


    Bindiya Lilapara
    Sr. HR Executive
    Rasna Group of Companies

  4. Dear Naukri Team,
    It is great thankful to Naukri Team who facilated for job seekers & it is very useful

  5. Hi,
    We tried it, but there seems to be some bugs, i got a sms back, saying that the keyword has expired.
    Is the facility provided only to the people who use resdex?
    Or is it for people who take job posting services too?
    Or is it independent of Naukri portal, and makes the candidate more prone to ause naukri, as he can send his cv to anywhere.
    PLease help me understand the functionality.
    Vikas Rai Chauhan,
    Vcre8 Solutions

  6. Very good concept, thats really help us .

    Ranjit Singh
    HRD -Sr. Executive
    Vikas Publishing house Pvt Ltd

  7. It is really a big surprise to see that has find out such a wonderfull IDIA & easiest way to approach intrested candidate.

  8. Hi Naukri team
    you always think of innovative ways of getting around our problems. thanks for making naukri MORE user friendly!
    Shyamala Shankar Narayan
    Access Placements & Consultancy Services

  9. This is really very good idea, now we will receive good no.of job seekar’s responses..!
    Keep it up.
    All the best.

    With regards,


  10. I really appreciate your streamlined efforts. The idea is superbly innovative, it will certainly reform the recruitment practices.

    Aarif kabir husain

  11. We appreciate all of your feedback and hope to present you with more innovations on our site.

    Keep posting your suggestions!

  12. Dear Naukri Team,

    I appreciate your efforts and suugestions to solve the problems of Recruiters and candidates. It’ll help us to losing the assetsome candidate’s and also helpful to candidates to grabe the bright job opportunities.

    Your services makes NAUKRI meaningful as per its name….!!
    Go ahead and all the best to Naukri Team…!!!

    Best Regards;
    Rakshit Dave
    Post A Resume Consultancy, Ahmedabad.

  13. Hi Naukrian’s !

    “It is a great to be part of your success ” Great Job ! Great Team ”

    Mary Daniel
    Manager – HR
    eGrove Systems

  14. Pretty good post. I just found your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  15. This is really very good idea, now we will receive good no.of job seekar’s responses..!
    Keep it up.
    All the best.


  16. Dear Naukri,

    This Service is too good,thats why you are on number 1 always.From last 4 year i am in this profession and i always recommend

  17. This is really very good idea, now we will receive good no.of job seekar’s responses..! Keep it up. All the best. regards thila

  18. Hi Team

    Many thanks for this great thought, wish it works good.
    finally it saves lot of time and reduses our work load.
    Keep going all the best.

    regards & thanks
    Raghunath B.V
    Bangalore Consltants

  19. hi,
    its an very good idea, can you tell me , what if the candidate change his mobile number ,and its not updated in his profile, then how your system will track his/her profile and forward the same to us , as the candidat frequently change their number , but not the mail id.

  20. It is really great idea. I will surely help us to get instant reply from jobseekers.
    infact it is increase our closing also.

    Dr. Kamal Mundra
    Career Solutions

  21. I appriciate your efforts to help the employers by suport to find out right candidate as per , employer requirements.

  22. Dear Naukri TEAM,
    Its really amazing and worthfull for the recruiters as well as for job seakers.plz go ahead with some more new updates like userfriendly activities.

  23. naukri team really it will work very helpful to recruiter team.lot of persons got lot of jobs{is a true of webside in world}

  24. Hi Naukri Team.
    Good job Done!!
    well i have a query and would be glad if Naukri team can resolves it for me.
    suppose a candidate who has changed his mobile no. and have’nt updated in naukri portal and if he sends the message from the other mobile no. will it be valid and the same resume will rach us, as i believe the algorithm which is behind this module is based on the unique mobile no. used as candidate identification ID.

    kindly reply back to


    Shubh Placement Services.

  25. I appriciate your efforts to help the employers by suport to find out right candidate as per , employer requirements. i am very thanks full all team . love u every body 9930506716

  26. I appriciate your efforts to help the employers by suport to find out right candidate as per , employer requirements. i am very thanks full all team. call urjent 9778506235

  27. its such a wondeful idea. will be of great help. Thanks.

    Ajaykumar Parasu,
    Staffing & Compensation,
    Mahindra & Mahindra

  28. Its very innovative idea.It surely will help recruitment team to reach more candidates.


    Padmakar Shet
    Datamatics Global Services Ltd

  29. I would really appreciate naukri team for giving a good response and will thnk u for finding right candidate and right time.

  30. Its very innovative idea.It surely will help recruitment team to reach more candidates.Thanks!!!!! I appreciate this technique given by you; really its work very helpful to recruiter & candidates.regards Darshana

  31. Nice to hear these kind of options.By this we can save our time.

    Is there any amount we have pay extra for this service.

  32. This’s a brilliant idea and it’s functioning brilliantly. Such a less time consuming method is the need of the time for the jobseekers and the recruiters. Team you’re doing great!

    Simon L Zote

  33. Hi,
    I feel it is a great option, if it works out. The reason for this “if” is because, I tried to execute the process, but things ar taking too much of time. I have send an SMS almost 30 mins before, and so far nothing have entered my inbox.
    I really wonder, if its a time consuming process.

    Will post next based on the response of the search engine.


    Ankita Puri

  34. Hi Naukri team,

    Congratulations to Naukri team for being innovative all the time. This SMS feature is also very good. Convey my hearty wishes to the Naukri team.

    We keep expecting…you keep delivering. Thats why Naukri is able to hold the highest position(No.1) in the mind of both candidates and customers.

    Managing Director
    AnyTime Manpower(ATM) consultants

  35. Hi,

    Thanks for inventing such a helpful tool for Recruiter as well as for Job seeker.

    Great Job Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jyoti Jaiswal
    Sr. Executive – Staffing
    Artech Infosystems Pvt Ltd

  36. A loud Applause for “naukri”…..I was very thankful to naukri team ,since their Efforts made to get into a fablous job….

    I once again appreciate naukri for their marvellous work and hope they will be succeesful ,in placing the coming generations in future also………..

  37. Hi Admin,

    Thanks for bringing up a recruitment site as this. You really have helped in establishing our company with qualified expatriates who we have recruited through your site.

    Great Job Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. James Brown
    Head of Recruitment
    Donalee Drilling Company

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